What is the price of a vertical garden?

When you decide to invest in a green design solution, you do not always have an idea of what the price range is for a vertical garden design.

The prices of vertical gardens, in fact, vary depending on many factors. In this article, we will see how the price of a vertical garden is usually calculated and which cost items are the most important.

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Vai ai Giardini Verticali

The main costs of a vertical garden

Vertical gardens consist of a set of modular units, and their cost varies based on the square meters to be covered by the vertical garden. The cost per square meter of a module depends on various factors. The prices for designing and creating a vertical garden are also calculated based on:

  • Consulting and design services
  • Size of the wall or facade to be covered
  • Type and variety of selected plants
  • Composition of the botanical layout, featuring plant species most suited for survival
  • Installation of the structure and irrigation system

The consulting and design service aims to analyze the location and climate context, identifying plant species most suitable for surviving under certain conditions. Design choices vary based on the final destination, whether outdoor or indoor, and based on the surface area to be covered.

For the composition of the botanical layout, plant species are usually recommended based on client preferences and the characteristics of the destination environment. Each botanical layout can be tailored, featuring various species, evergreens, or tropical plants. Vertical gardens with vibrant colors that change scents and hues with the seasons can be created.

Additionally, one can choose the desired aesthetic effect of the composition, whether a natural flow or a more geometric and refined variation.

 During the installation phase, it's essential to ensure the ability to connect to the electrical and plumbing systems for the operation of the fertigation system.

In the case of indoor installations, finishing touches are applied to the sides of the structure to conceal technical eyesores

An alternative solution to infuse indoor spaces with a touch of green without connecting to electrical and plumbing systems is MOSSwall®. This is a stabilized lichen wall patented by Verde Profilo, requiring minimal care and available in a wide range of colors.

Designing vertical greenery with Verde Profilo

Verde Profilo has realized vertical garden projects for public spaces in Italy and abroad. 

Verde Profilo products are included in the GREENMAP program as systems that meet international WELL standards for people's psychophysical well-being

Verde Profilo offers a wide range of vertical garden solutions: our team evaluates customer requests and prepares a quote based on budget availability.

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