Green Wall

The Verde Profilo® Modular system makes it possible to create natural Green Walls

Muri verdi - Pareti verdi verticali

Are you fond of greenery? Are you looking for special ideas to decorate your home or office in an elegant, creative way? 

Verde Profilo® offers you the ultimate in green wall art and design with all-inclusive solutions from designing and planning of a green wall to its maintenance.

Verde Profilo® designs and implements green walls, which are becoming increasingly popular for their elegance and uniqueness, as well as for their therapeutic effects on the user's emotional state.

Vertical Green Walls, which are also called "living walls" or "natural walls", furnish both indoor and outdoor spaces with structures that have rooted plants and feature a fertirrigation system programmed to meet the garden's needs. They can be used to either enhance the value of certain areas or to create a private corner, but also as a focal point, for example, inside interior courtyards, as they define green walls of any shape and size on which plants can be grown.

◼️Utilization Decorating indoor and outdoor spaces, enhancing specific areas, creating focal points within inner courtyards and atriums.
◼️Plants Designed by professionals based on the environmental context, solar exposure, natural lighting and ventilation of the location, without requiring pre-cultivation.
◼️Installation Use of pre-assembled modules that allow for quick installation, with less expensive and less frequent maintenance. Substructure composed of stainless steel profiles and brackets, as well as dowels.
◼️Maintenance Irrigation system regulated according to the garden's actual needs. Maintenance contract to ensure the survival of the vertical greenery.

During the design phase, the plants are chosen by our designers to suit the specific environmental context, paying particular attention to sun exposure, natural illumination and aeration.

Each solution creates a unique element of its kind that not only mellows space but also improves the area's environmental value and the benefits of space in various ways.

Verde Profilo®'s modular green wall system makes use of pre-assembled modules with ground and vegetation for rapid installation and very little maintenance requirements.
The minimal substructure is made up of profiles designed to accommodate interlocking clips that support the modules. All elements are securely anchored to the wall by means of stainless steel brackets and dowels that may be either standard or chemical, depending on the customer's requirements.

Once the garden is set up, you will not have to do anything else. An irrigation system adjusted to meet the actual needs of the garden irrigates the green wall, and a maintenance contract will safeguard the survival of the vertical green.

Some examples of our vertical gardens

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