VP-CLOUD, the hanging pot for plants of all kinds

VP-Cloud is at the same time a lamp and a suspended plant container, to be attached to the ceiling. The product, luminous and floating like a green cloud, combines two functions: decorative and lighting.

VP-Cloud is a green solution, designed by Verde Profilo in collaboration with the Garden Designer Francesca Paolucci, to bring a touch of green to environments that cannot accommodate a vertical garden.

The light shell is available in one size and two different colours (orange and green), ideal to be proposed to a private client for the furnishing of a house or to a company for the modernisation of the office.

How VP-Cloud can be mounted?

The assembly phase of the hanging vase and the internal trays for the plants is very simple: it is sufficient to have an electrical connection near and fix the VP-Cloud to the ceiling with a system of hooks.

How and how much should the plants be watered?

The watering is regulated by an irrigation system with a 2-cylinder funnel that supplies the reserve tank (with a capacity of 0.6 lt) and distributes the water gradually. When the supply begins to be insufficient, a small LED light switches on to indicate the need for refuelling, usually every three weeks. Then just pour more water through the funnel with a watering can.

How do the plants get light?

In addition to natural light, VP-Cloud is equipped with a phytostimulation system that regulates the health and growth of plants.

What kind of light do the lamps included in VP-Cloud prouce?

The lighting of the lamps is LED and falls within the standards required by law to illuminate the environment for work and smart working, such as a meeting room.

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