The Internal Smart Green Wall

VP-Easy is the new product from Verde Profilo: a green wall with a standard, self-supporting layout, with a circular irrigation system programmable from a smartphone. Thanks to special lighting for phytostimulation , VP-Easy is a product also suitable for indoor spaces that are not very bright.

Simple to install and easy to maintain, even by remote control thanks to a specially dedicated app, it is the ideal solution for interior decorating using wall plants for clubs, restaurants, hotels, offices and homes.

How can you assemble VP-Easy?

Installation is simple and can be done within a day.

The green wall is self- supporting and can be assembled with the support of our technical staff or independently, thanks to a detailed instruction booklet and the numbering of the pieces. For greater safety and stability, we supply the product with a system of brackets to be fixed to the wall with plugs, different depending on whether the walls are masonry or plasterboard.

For VP-Easy to work correctly, just make sure that there are two electrical sockets to be connected to the plant wall: one to activate the irrigation pump and one to move the water to avoid stagnation.

As for the lighting dedicated to phytostimulation, the ideal solution is to connect VP-Easy directly to the main power supply , with a timer set to be active 12 hours a day.

How does the irrigation function?

At the base of VP-Easy there is a tank that contains a pumping and water handling system. The pump carries the water along the height of the plant wall and distributes it to all the plant trays. Thanks to a practical app it is possible to adjust the times and frequency of watering to keep the vegetation in dazzling shape.

What are the benefits of a green wall inside buildings?

A green wall is aesthetically fascinating, gives character to the environment and promotes a good atmosphere among people.


  • It improves the acoustic comfort, the plants absorb sounds and reverberations inside the places, favouring a more liveable environment.
  • Reduces indoor pollution, green walls improve air quality by absorbing carbon dioxide, excess moisture and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
  • Water saving, thanks to the recirculating irrigation system.

Surrounding yourself with greenery in your living and working environments is a less demanding choice than it seems in terms of maintenance: in addition to the practical VP-Easy system, Verde Profilo also offers wall solutions with stabilized plants, MOSSwall, which do not require irrigation and are suitable for poorly lit rooms.

Discover the new VP-Easy models, click here.

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