The vertical gardens created by Verde Profilo using the Mixed configuration of VP-Modulo® represent a versatile and creative option to transform spaces into harmonious and fascinating green walls.

The vertical garden with VP-Modulo® in the Mixed configuration offers infinite creative possibilities. The wooden boiserie is applied alternately with the trays mounted on the same brackets; the use of modular trays allows for variety and depth in the composition.

Vertical gardens created with VP-Modulo® in the Mixed configuration not only offer a remarkable aesthetic impact, but also benefits for the environment and air quality. The plants selected by Verde Profilo contribute to purifying the air by absorbing CO2 and releasing fresh oxygen, thus improving the quality of the surrounding environment.

In addition, vertical gardens with VP-Modulo® in the Mixed configuration create a welcoming and regenerating atmosphere, providing natural shade and a cooler environment, especially during the summer months.

In summary, the vertical gardens created by Verde Profilo with VP-Modulo® in the Mixed configuration are an explosion of creativity and nature. They bring a unique and personalized touch to spaces, transforming them into true vertical gardens that offer beauty and well-being to those who live with and admire them.

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