Palazzo di Fuoco


Palazzo di Fuoco is one of the most famous and conspicuous buildings on the Milan skyline. A building owned by Kryalos SGR Spa, the redevelopment project modernises the building's installations, interior layout and energy performance with solutions that have enabled it to achieve LEED Platinum certification.

The project developed by GBPA Architects is in line with the original nature of Palazzo di Fuoco, thanks to its luminosity, transparency and interior-exterior communication capacity, integrating it excellently into the city of Milan.

Palazzo di Fuoco is a building that represents the soul of Milan and the renovation and redevelopment project restores its visual and architectural centrality.

In this unique location, our VP-Modulo was chosen to develop something extraordinary: a wall of more than 145 square metres, which claims to be the largest existing green wall in Europe. In particular, the redevelopment focused on the creation of an internal "square", with a glass roof, as a meeting and working place where the 2 Vertical Gardens, water jet and 6 flower planters took shape.
The internal courtyard is the element that characterises the project and aims to create a link with the urban context.

Palazzo di Fuoco is an innovative and unifying building that feeds business and relationships, offering natural light and high-comfort spaces: the ideal context for installing the VP-Modulo solution.

Green and water, besides being elegant decorative elements, represent the design element able to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life, in fact a real corporate benefit in a perspective of well-being and green more and more linked.

Located in Milan to redefine Piazzale Loreto as a strategic business destination, Palazzo di Fuoco is the perfect mix of past and future, tradition and innovation.
The ideal link between the centre and the immediate outskirts of Milan.
A special location for our VP-Modulo system: a path of formal continuity between aesthetics, recognisability, functionality and performance.

Location: Milano

Project: GBPA Architects

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