Vertical Gardening sfumatura

Vertical Gardening

“Natural walls for indoor and outdoor environments, discover our systems suitable for every need.”

Vertical Gardening

Add a new dimension to your indoor and outdoor spaces, at home, in your office, restaurant or shop: you just need a blank wall to turn your environment into something highly relaxing, creative and impressive

Our system called Giardini Verticali is proposed in landscape area and can furnish indoor and outdoor spaces through structures of small thickness, on which the plants root all powered by a system of fertirrigation schedule. 

The choice of plant species during the design phase is done by our designers with respect to each specific environment in which the vertical garden is inserted with particular attention to sun exposure, natural lighting and the aeration system. This system does not needs pre-cultivation of essences.

The structure incorporates the traditional layout of curtain walls, with panels and two layers of technical tissue in which there are the rooted plant species. Usually the walls don't requires pre-work; the structure has reduced overall dimensions, a few inches and works with continuous water supply. The irrigation system is not visible from the outside and maintains the garden through a drip from above, constantly monitored by a control unit, programmed to suit the real needs of the garden. The tech facility generally located in a small space, regularly provides the fertilizer to plant species. The entire support structure and installation of irrigation does not allow the dripping of moisture or water to the wall.

Generally, the technological system for the irrigation system is close to the vertical garden, in a room or technical area, accessible for maintenance. It consists of a tank that contains the fertilizer and a dispenser which draws the fertilizer from the tank, according to specific doses and ratios, to enter it in the water circulation system.

Vertical gardening allows many benefits: besides being a great idea for small areas and to maximize space, it grants an ample variety of plants, from flowers to herbs and edibles, and an easy maintenance; it enhances the beauty of the spaces and contributes to everyone’s’ health, filtering the air and reducing pollution as well as giving relief from mental stress. 

Vertical Gardens and Restaurat

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Dream villas, exclusive hotels, last-generation shopping malls, top-level corporate environments ... you have a lot of choice.

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