Vertical Moss

Vertical Moss

The vertical moss is the latest trend in modern interior design: this type of green art uses moss, a natural lichen, to furnish and redefine the style of commercial, residential or working areas in a suggestive, elegant way. 

Growing naturally in Northern Europe, able to cover large surface, moss is used to coat walls, room dividers or ceilings exclusively in indoor environments. Aesthetically beautiful and relaxing, inspiring calmness and meditation, a vertical moss offers a wide range of benefits, including easy installation and little to no maintenance.


Verde Profilo has created MOSSwall®, a patented vertical moss system consisting in steel panels housing the stabilized lichen to be used indoors. Available in two types - MW01, with special inserts for fastening, and MW02, made up of 24 squares - MOSSwall® grants an innovative covering for vertical gardening for interiors.

Patented in 2009 by Verde Profilo, hand-made and entirely made in Italy, the MOSSwall® vertical moss keeps itself fresh and soft absorbing the humidity of the environment. In addition:

  • It’s antistatic;
  • It’s certified for fire, according to the European and USA norm in class1 ;
  • It’s certified for sound absorption, according to UNI EN ISO;
  • It’s bacteria-free and its environment is hostile to insects;
  • It doesn’t grow;
  • It requires a moisture level between 40 and 50%;
  • It should not be exposed to direct sunlight;
  • It doesn’t require water;
  • No herbicides or fertilizers are required


Lightweight and visually soothing, a vertical moss is a perfect alternative to conventional living wall systems and a revolutionary arrangement for the division of spaces. It’s suitable for any kind of application, as simple walls, ceilings, partition walls or room dividers.

Elegant and refined, inspiring and lively, the MOSSwall® vertical moss creates an outstanding combination of greenery and artistic installation and is available in 23 different colors (and in 5 ranges: Ocean, Forest, Desert, Black White and Grey), all totally natural. 

Created from a natural lichen, after harvesting, from sustainable sources, the MOSSwall® is stabilized and undergoes anti-static treatment to avoid the capture of dust. Due to its particular molecular structure it needs a relative humidity of 40-50% (which is the excellent level for physical wellness) and needs to be placed away from direct sunlight.

MOSSwall® is a highly performing product, guaranteed 4 years from purchase date, certificated against fire, developed on a 40x60 cm steel panel. It  is designed both for direct wall mounting or with a modular, freestanding wall and can be totally customized. 

Some of our most beautiful Realizations

A new restaurant experience

Custom made MOSSwall® for the Croatian studio

Our certified MOSSwall® system also for Hospitals

Entrance hall of the office in Milan

The Italian headquarters of MOL Group renews the offices with MOSSwall®

The new Garofoli Porte headquarters is adorned with green

Nuova sede per Pewag Immobiliare Srl

An original idea for the new Casteldex Showroom entrance

Verde Profilo for Sky Italy

Unique and artistic project

A&C Illuminazione new headquarters

Green into commercial environments

Wellness Co-working Company WORK WELL WIN Opens Greenwich, Connecticut’s First Co-working Location

Stabilized MOSS for over 180 sqm wall application

The original MOSSwall for the MEI System stairway

Trollbeads choose MOSSwall® for the American stores

Verde Profilo® for De Rucci Milan

Showroom in Brasil set up with the patented product MOSSwall® of Verde Profilo®

Verde Profilo® for the International Airport in Kuwait realized different natural custom wall with mix colors.

ADR - Aeroporti di Roma chose Verde Profilo® and the original MOSSwall®.


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