Ideas for setting up a garden on a terrace

How to Transform a Terrace into a Garden?

Hanging gardens represent a sustainable solution to turn terraces, balconies, or even building facades into lush green oases. This ancient practice, rooted in the legendary Hanging Gardens of Babylon, is now taken to new levels of innovation. The most famous example is the Bosco Verticale in Milan: with over 15,000 plants adorning its towers, the residential complex not only purifies the air but also offers a spectacular example of how to create a direct link between nature and architecture. Even on a smaller scale, you can draw inspiration from these examples to start your own rooftop garden. You don't need large spaces or infinite resources: with a bit of creativity and some care, anyone can turn even the smallest balcony into a little corner of green paradise. In this article, we explain how!

Choosing Plants

The first step in creating a rooftop garden is selecting the plants. It's important to choose species that adapt well to the sun exposure of the area and the climatic characteristics of your region. In general, choose plants with a high tolerance to temperatures, both hot and cold, such as herbs, perennial flowers, small shrubs, or even dwarf fruit trees.

Containers and Pots

Containers play a fundamental role in creating a rooftop garden. Besides being decorative elements, they must ensure adequate drainage and space for root growth. Materials like terracotta, wood, or recycled materials can add a touch of style while keeping the plants healthy. Plant Placement Organising the plants is essential to optimise the available space and exposure to light. Creating levels with plant supports or shelves can help maximise vertical space. Additionally, we recommend placing the tallest plants to the north to avoid shading the smaller ones.

Decorative Elements

Elements like lights, armchairs, or tables can add an additional level of beauty and tranquillity to the rooftop garden. These details not only enhance the aesthetic appearance but also make the environment more comfortable and relaxing.

Irrigation System

An efficient irrigation system is vital to keep the garden healthy, especially in the warmer months. Drip systems or automatic sprinklers can ensure consistent and adequate watering, saving time and water.

Vertical Garden: All You Need to Know

The rooftop garden can also be realised by integrating vertical green walls. Using specific supports, plants are installed on exterior walls, turning them into true vertical oases: an innovative method to maximise the use of available space. This solution not only amplifies the beauty of your outdoor space but also offers significant ecological benefits, such as thermal and acoustic insulation, air purification, and promotion of biodiversity. To create a vertical garden on your rooftop, you can use prefabricated modules, such as the vertical garden systems by Verde Profilo.

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