Greenery as the Core of Communities and Innovation in Architecture

Interview with Almudena Mampaso from EFM Engaging Places

In an ever-evolving world, architecture is no longer just a matter of design and functionality. Today, architecture encompasses broader concepts, including sustainability, community, and human well-being. We had the privilege of interviewing Almudena Mampaso, a member of EFM Engaging Places, a company that is redefining architecture through the integration of greenery and a community-centered approach. In this interview, Almudena guides us through the complex world of EFM and shares extraordinary projects that demonstrate how greenery can become the beating heart of architectural innovation.

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Almudena, can you briefly tell us what EFM specializes in?

EFM is a company that primarily focuses on workspace design and real estate management. However, we distinguish ourselves through a multidisciplinary approach, collaborating with other architects and offering services that consider the ecosystem of the workplace, not limited to just layout and furnishings. Additionally, we are concerned with the sociological component and biophilia in our projects.


Which project would you like to talk to us about today?

We have collaborated with clients interested in the integration of greenery in various contexts. Nature provides a stimulating image of prosperity, particularly relevant given the time spent indoors, especially after the pandemic. We have developed vertical green walls that advance plants, contributing to transforming abandoned industrial settings into vibrant and collaborative spaces. For example, the project for ASEA by Converge Profilo has demonstrated very interesting results.


It's fascinating to see how greenery can transform industrial settings. Can you share other projects?

We have worked with major organizations such as Toyota, Terna, and even in the biomedical campus. In a hospital setting, greenery not only enhances the well-being of patients but also that of visitors. It is essential to consider the comfort of all users to improve the overall environment.


You mentioned the importance of caring for the maintenance of greenery.

How is this expertise shared with other projects or companies?

Sharing expertise is fundamental for our constantly evolving industry. We collaborate with other firms and companies, which results in a constant exchange of ideas and knowledge. In addition to experience, continuous training and updates are essential for us.


What is the keyword that defines your projects?

The keyword for us is "community." Creating community means not only caring for humans but also for the surrounding environment. It is a shared responsibility and a crucible of civic sense in every project.

In a world that seeks to find a balance between sustainability and human well-being, EFM Engaging Places stands out for its approach to architecture, putting greenery at the center of its mission. The interview with Almudena Mampaso has revealed how EFM is contributing to creating sustainable and innovative communities through architectural design. The smart use of greenery is demonstrating that architecture can be not only aesthetically pleasing but also socially responsible, bringing together people and the surrounding environment.

Interview conducted by Giorgio Tartaro

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