The Art of Greenery: Architecture and Nature in symbiosis

Interview with Stefania Naretto from Lineeverdi

Stefania Naretto introduces us to her studio, Lineeverdi, founded together with her partner Chiara Otella, both landscape agronomists, whose work focuses on greenery design in collaboration with architecture and engineering studios. Through the narration of significant projects like "25 Verde" in Turin and work done in Brazil for FCA, Stefania shows us how greenery is not just a decorative element, but a true tool for architectural design.

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Stefania, let's start by talking about Lineeverdi. What does your studio focus on?

Lineeverdi is a studio for greenery design. My partner Chiara Otella and I, both landscape agronomists, often collaborate with architecture and engineering firms, integrating greenery into their projects to have a sustainable and lasting impact.

Are there specific projects you'd like to talk about?

Yes, I'd like to mention the project "25 Verde", started in 2009 and completed in 2012. It's a residential building in Turin, conceived as a 'tree house', where greenery is a facade architectural element, living and breathing for over ten years without a single plant being replaced.

And on an international scale?

We worked in Brazil for FCA, within the Jeep plant in Goiana, on a 10,000-acre area. Our role was to integrate reforestation and create ecological corridors to promote local biodiversity, collaborating with local universities to catalog and reproduce native species in our nursery specifically designed for this purpose.

What role does greenery play in your architectural projects?

Greenery is fundamental; we treat it as a true design tool, not just as a decorative element. Our approach is based on deep integration of greenery into architecture, ensuring that every project is sustainable and that plants can thrive over time, reducing the need for future maintenance.

What's the keyword that describes your approach to work?

The keyword would be 'care'. We believe that well-cared-for plants not only survive but also provide countless benefits, such as oxygen and other essential ecosystem services for our well-being. We want our projects to reflect this philosophy, caring for greenery to create spaces that, in turn, care for the people who inhabit them.

Interview conducted by Giorgio Tartaro

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