Green and Architecture: Designing with Nature and Listening

Interview with Roberto Bongiovanni from GOODFOR

In the realm of contemporary architecture, the combination of greenery and architecture is becoming increasingly central, giving rise to projects that harmoniously integrate nature with the structural elements of buildings. In this interview, we'll explore this fascinating connection with Roberto Bongiovanni from GOODFOR, an architecture studio with a strong passion for greenery and nature, which they adeptly integrate into their residential projects.

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Roberto, let's talk about GOODFOR. What do you focus on?

We are architects and primarily focus on residential building design. We have a strong passion for greenery, especially gardens, which we often integrate into our projects.

Could you share a project you found particularly engaging?

I'd like to talk about a project I found very engaging: a rooftop garden in San Salvario, on which we built a semi-detached villa. The garden mainly consisted of ornamental grasses, which I chose for their Spartan yet neat appearance, which blends well with the urban context.

How do you use greenery in your projects?

I use greenery in a very architectural way, not bucolic. I prefer to use plants as structural elements rather than decorative ones, to create green spaces that function as dividers or partitions. In another project, I used corten planters and Hornbeams to create a sort of architectural maze that changes appearance with the seasons.

Let's also talk about interiors. What can you tell us about that?

I also handle apartment and house renovations. For me, the project is not so much a celebration of itself as it is a way to satisfy the client, creating something customized that makes them happy. This aspect has always excited me, especially when I see the happiness in their eyes.

You have a particular passion for bonsai. How does this connect with your work?

Yes, bonsai represent for me the utmost care for plants. It's a mistake to think that plants in bonsai are tortured; in fact, they are kept healthy, and their size is managed through the amount of soil they have available. This approach is reflected in how I manage plants in landscaping projects.

What's the keyword that describes your design approach?

I would say "listening". I enjoy carefully listening to clients, probing them if necessary, because it's crucial for the project to reflect who they are. Additionally, "care" is another important keyword for me, as I dedicate a lot of time to advising and assisting clients even after projects are completed, especially regarding plant management.

Interview conducted by Giorgio Tartaro

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