Green Sensitivity in Contemporary Architecture


Interview with Aldo Parisotto of Parisotto + Formenton Architetti

In this interview, Giorgio Tartaro meets with Aldo Parisotto, one of the prominent architects from the Parisotto + Formenton Architetti studio, to discuss their recent initiatives within the "Archi-Nature" project. Parisotto shares details about their ongoing projects, with a particular focus on hospitality and how greenery becomes a fundamental element in their designs

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Aldo, let's start with your studio. What is the current focus of your design investigations? What are you working on?

We are working on several fronts and at different scales, as always. The most exciting things we are currently engaged in are related to hospitality, as you know. Recently, we have been working on a project in Nervi that we will finish by the end of the year. Additionally, we are also working on Yo-Design and Product Design, which involves interior design and elements that compose the architecture. We also consider project management and its economic aspects because especially in design, yachts, and the entire hospitality sector, there is a certain relationship between time and economy.


What project would you like to tell us about?

If we talk about greenery, which is always present in architecture, as I mentioned earlier, one of the most stimulating projects we are currently tackling is the construction of a 40-room hotel called "Bottico Hotel" in Nervi. It is situated right on the seaside, just 50 meters away, with a park surrounding the hotel, rather than an hotel with a park. It is a building from the 1960s, typical of Nervi's architecture, which we have renovated and expanded. Integrating this expansion was quite interesting. The extension offers the most significant rooms and suites with sea views, and we are immersed in this park, which represents the typical Ligurian garden. We tried our best to preserve the existing plants; some were ailing, but we did our utmost to restore its ancient splendor.


When greenery is present, as in this case or in other situations, it is often difficult to work with existing structures in urban contexts or greenfield projects. How do you handle such situations?

Certainly, even in urban contexts where it is challenging to incorporate nature into architecture or interiors, we strive to be as ethical and natural as possible. We create outdoor spaces on rooftops or in other areas where nature can enter. The aim is to establish continuity between the interior and exterior, so that the architecture embraces nature without disrupting it, but rather, embraces it in some way.

Greenery and an ethical approach to nature are central to the initiatives of Parisotto + Formenton Architetti, as demonstrated by the "Bottico Hotel" project in Nervi. Their constant research and experimentation drive them to innovate and create architectural solutions that harmoniously blend with the surrounding environment. In an era where sensitivity towards greenery is increasingly widespread, architects strive to create spaces that connect the interior and exterior, bringing nature into homes and public buildings.

Interview by Giorgio Tartaro

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