Green design and dry garden: Natural balance

Interview with Filippo Pagliani from Park Associati

In the hectic world of architecture, some companies stand out for their constant search for new design solutions and sensitivity towards the environment. Among them is Park Associati, an architectural studio working on cutting-edge projects. One of their key themes is the integration of greenery and landscape into their creations, a challenge they face with enthusiasm and intuition. In this interview, renowned architect Filippo Pagliani shares with us the vision and ideas of Park Associati.

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Filippo, let's start with Park. What is your current research and design focus, what are you working on?

Well, our themes are diverse because they are closely linked to all the research codes we have had for years. We are investigating construction techniques and methods that we believe are more contemporary and oriented towards the future of design. One of our new challenges is related to the landscape. We think it's important to contribute to rethinking the study of nature and the relationships between humans and the environment.


There's definitely a connection between nature and the new needs of architecture. How do you see the role of greenery and landscaping in the evolution of cities?

Exactly, it's all connected. Covid has brought evident changes in our daily lives and work environment. In our design, we are trying to create a more direct relationship between the interior and the exterior, favoring the integration of greenery and nature. Greenery is no longer just an adornment but an ethical and integrated design tool, using plant species suitable for our climate.


So, you are also experimenting with new green design codes?

Absolutely, yes. We have experimented with wood, and this research has led us to reflect on the importance of the natural landscape. Among our most significant projects is the Palazzo Sistema building, a new structure for the region. We conceived a public park with a dry garden, using plants typical of the Mediterranean landscape, to make it self-sufficient and more environmentally friendly.


Sustainability is, therefore, a key word in your approach?

Absolutely yes. We define ourselves with three fundamental words: listening, intuition, and experimentation. Listening allows us to understand the needs of the client and the location. Intuition guides us towards innovative solutions, while experimentation leads us to explore new fields of research, such as the greenery.

Park Associati is a brilliant example of how architecture can blend with nature in a sustainable harmony. Their Archi-Nature initiative promotes the integration of greenery and landscape into projects, seeking ethical and innovative solutions to improve the relationship between humans and the environment. With the dry garden and continuous experimentation, Park Associati is marking a new chapter in green architecture, demonstrating how it is possible to create buildings and public spaces in harmony with nature.

Interview by Giorgio Tartaro

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