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Garden Design

“A creative, technical and design journey characterized by our passion and professionalism in creating green spaces that can impress.”

Garden design & Landscaping

Verde Profilo® is a Contract Company that designs solutions with its Green Designer Team. Discover now:

Where Verde Profilo operate?

We operate both in Italy and worldwide as outdoor & landscape general contractor. Design & Build is part of our philosophy. We are the sole contact for the customer, and we develop all stages of implementation, from project to design choices.

Why rely on Verde Profilo's Garden Designer team?

We create unique, highly visible solutions that always feature a green style studied to place the customer at the heart of the Design process. A garden construction project should reflect the personal tastes of customers and their needs relative to their living environment. The company's perceptive skill to capture the customer's personality, desires and needs as part of their living environment creates unique gardens with a well-defined style. Personalisation, "customisation", comes from the ability to listen to and understand expectations. This is the prerequisite for high comfort, eye-catching solutions. Corners to be enhanced, spaces to be preserved, places to be defined... each garden has its own priorities, in symbiosis with the surrounding architecture or in contrast with it in order to stand out and surprise the onlooker.

How does the design of the vertical garden take place?

The first step is to SURVEY, which allows you to accurately assess the existing context, the functional use of space and to study its climate, environment and local architectural styles. This careful analysis leads to drawing up a PRELIMINARY DRAFT, perspective views, floor plans, three-dimensional perspective and a bill of quantities. When the preliminary draft is approved, you reach the FINAL DRAFT, which sets out your choices with detailed sections and elevations, as well as the watering system. Finally, the EXECUTIVE PROJECT combines each manufacturing need to reach the CREATION stage.

The initial ideas materialise at last. The mission is to transform an open space into a garden as pictured by the customer, combining aesthetics, comfort and functional features. Experienced professionals and the team are crucial for the initial organisational phase, the subsequent operational phase and the finishing touches. The team of landscape architects is at your disposal to make your dream come true.


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