The Everyday experience as a driving force in architectural projects

Intervista a Leonardo Cavalli di One Works

Interview with Leonardo Cavalli from One Works

Hello to all architecture and nature enthusiasts! Today, in our Archi-Nature blog, we have a special guest: Leonardo Cavalli, one of the leading architects at One Works, the company that skillfully combines the art of architecture with the beauty of nature. In this informal interview, conducted by Giorgio Tartaro, we will discover the projects and challenges that One Works is facing to embrace sustainability and the daily experience through green spaces in their work. So, sit back, grab a coffee, and be inspired by this engaging conversation!

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Hello Leonardo, thank you for being here with us today! Let's get started. What exactly does One Works do?

Hello Giorgio, thank you for the invitation! One Works is active in two main areas of architecture. On one hand, we focus on transportation, developing architectural projects related to this sector. On the other hand, we operate in real estate, contributing to urban regeneration projects. Often, we try to unite these two aspects, as mobility and urban life intertwine significantly. Now, let's move on to one of the projects we are working on..

Today, we're talking precisely about the "green" theme. What can you tell us about a project that involves nature?

Indeed, green spaces are becoming increasingly central in our projects. A significant example is the institutionalization project of the building that houses the Ministry of the Environment in Rome. It is an important project for us because we are completely redefining the external appearance of the building. By using greenery as a design element, we are addressing challenges such as solar protection along Via Colombo, creating a complex yet fascinating facade. This project requires long and committed work, but it is definitely worth it!

Your response reminds me of another One Works project involving green spaces: a green roof for a shopping center. Can you tell us about that experience?

Absolutely, you hit the nail on the head! About 20 years ago, we created a two-hectare green roof for a shopping center. This choice led to a revolution in the building's plant engineering strategy. It was a stimulating exercise, as the green roof offered greater climate containment capacity indoors. This project taught us a lot about the functioning of urban spaces and the importance of creating quality daily experiences for people.

Really fascinating! In fact, shopping centers have become a paradigm for many other types of projects. Now, is there a keyword or phrase that guides One Works' work?

Certainly! The keyword that represents us is "daily experience." We often work on projects involving everyday spaces, such as stations, airports, offices, and residences. Our goal is to create quality experiences for people in these places, making them functional and welcoming. Understanding the daily quality is fundamental to our work.

In this exciting interview, we had the opportunity to get a closer look at the work of One Works and the Archi-Nature initiative. Leonardo Cavalli immersed us in the world of architecture, where green spaces become a central element in the design of urban spaces. The combination of sustainability and daily experience is what guides One Works' work, demonstrating how architecture can be a driving force in creating pleasant and functional places for all of us. We are sure that the future will bring many more green surprises from this exceptional company. Keep following us on Archi-Nature to not miss other architectural adventures in contact with nature!

Interview by Giorgio Tartaro

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