Discovering Mind, Milan's Innovation District

Interview with Giulia Bonisoli Denza from Lendlease

In this interview with Giulia Bonisoli, representative of Australian real estate group Lendlease, we discuss their exciting project to transform the former Expo 2015 area into a thriving innovation district: Mind Innovation District.

We will explore how landscape and nature come together harmoniously in urban design and how artificial intelligence plays a key role in creating a fluid and sustainable landscape.

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Let's start with the basics: what does Lendlease do?

Hello, Giorgio! Lendlease is an Australian real estate group and a leader in the field. We are involved in urban development projects worldwide, with ventures in various parts of the globe, including Italy. In particular, we are carrying out two major urban regeneration projects: Mind and Milano Santa Giulia.

Today, we will focus on Mind. Can you tell us more about it?

Mind is an exciting project to transform the former Expo 2015 area into an innovation district. Our goal is not only to create a simple business district but a genuine neighborhood with a variety of functions, including residences, commercial activities, schools, and four public anchors: the University of Milan, HT Human Technopole for scientific research, the Galeazzi hospital, and the Triulsa Foundation.

So, you have in mind a real urban community.

Exactly! We aim to build a vibrant community where landscape and nature blend seamlessly into daily life. The driving force behind new urban identities and a sense of belonging to the place comes from the surrounding landscape. So, before building a city, we need to construct a community that inhabits it.

You mentioned the role of green spaces in the design. Could you explain further?

Green spaces are fundamental in the design of the Mind Innovation District. Even in the integrated intervention plan, which is a sort of master plan or guidelines for the future area, we have agreed on the "preverdissement" factor. This allows us to plan and install green spaces strategically, growing trees on-site even before they are ready for planting. We nurture the trees within the natural context they will be placed in, enabling them to adapt and grow healthily and harmoniously in the future urban landscape.

So, green spaces truly are an integral part of your sustainable approach.

Yes, exactly. We work with circular solutions and resource consciousness. Experimentation and innovation help us create a dynamic, fluid, and sustainable landscape.

Do you see any payoff for this project?

I think the key word is 'innovation.' For all of us, 'Mind' is like an open-air experimental laboratory. We are working to be circular and resource-conscious. We carefully select materials, tree species, and their technical application to find new and innovative solutions, creating a fluid, dynamic, and sustainable landscape.

One last point: artificial intelligence. How does it assist you in the design process?

Artificial intelligence is a crucial tool in our design process. We use Building Information Modeling (BIM) with predictive factors for managing and maintaining green spaces. This tool allows us to anticipate the water requirements and needs of the trees during the different seasons, ensuring their sustainability.

Truly interesting! Thank you so much, Giulia, for this enlightening interview!

Thank you, and thanks to everyone for their attention!

And so, dear readers, we have had the opportunity to explore Milan's Mind Innovation District through the exciting interview with Giulia Bonisoli from Lendlease. This project to transform the former Expo 2015 area shows us how green spaces, nature, and artificial intelligence can create a sustainable and innovative urban landscape.
Innovation is the key to this project, where the landscape becomes a driving force behind new urban identities. We are confident that the Mind Innovation District will be a shining example of how urban design can flourish when nature, technology, and community collaborate together. Stay tuned for more captivating Archi-Nature stories!

Interview curated by Giorgio Tartaro

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