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Interview with Fabrizio Rossi Prodi from Rossiprodi Associati

Interview with Fabrizio Rossi Prodi from Rossiprodi Associati

In a revealing conversation with Fabrizio Rossi Prodi, co-founder of ROSSIPRODI ASSOCIATI, we delve into the philosophy and projects that are shaping new frontiers in contemporary architecture. Fabrizio shares the studio's passion for both public and private sectors, highlighting how greenery becomes an active protagonist in creating spaces that promote well-being and integration with the surrounding environment.

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Fabrizio, tell us more about ROSSIPRODI ASSOCIATI.

Founded in 2000, our studio has always had its core business in design for the public sector. From hospitals to universities, we have always focused on how to make spaces not only functional but also humane. In recent years, we have expanded our horizons to the private sector, exploring new possibilities for residential design and master plans.

Do you have any projects you are particularly proud of?

Hospital in Livorno: An emblematic example of our approach that sees greenery not just as an aesthetic component but as a healing element. Located in a city park, this hospital integrates green areas and therapeutic gardens up to the roof, blending with the urban environment.

How do you integrate greenery into your projects?

Greenery is at the heart of our design vision. We are inspired by the Tuscan landscape, seeking to create not just buildings but true landscapes that respond to human and environmental needs. The Hospital in Livorno is a clear example, with its use of greenery to improve the well-being of patients and harmony with the urban context.

And what about greenery in interiors?

We have also explored this dimension, as in the competition for a church where we proposed green walls instead of traditional sacred decorations. Even though the project did not succeed, it remains an example of our commitment to integrate nature into interior spaces, as an element of spiritual connection.

What is your keyword in design?

"Humanity". Each of our projects starts from listening to human needs, with the goal of creating spaces that improve the quality of life. This guides us in the choice of every element, from greenery to architectural solutions, to promote well-being and harmony.

Through the eyes of Fabrizio Rossi Prodi, we understand how ROSSIPRODI ASSOCIATI is dedicated to creating spaces that are at the same time functional, beautiful, and humane, placing people and the environment at the center of every project. The integration of greenery thus becomes not just an aesthetic choice but a true mission to promote well-being and sustainability.

Interview conducted by Giorgio Tartaro

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