The Art of Vertical Green

Interview with Pasquale Piroso of Loft Canova

In the vibrant realm of interior architecture and design, Loft Canova, led by the talented Pasquale Piroso, has garnered attention with bold projects and a focus on nature. In this exclusive interview, Pasquale Piroso shares his passion for art and nature, illustrating how these elements have shaped the world of residential and non-residential architecture, giving rise to extraordinary projects.

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Pasquale, let's start from the beginning. What does OSCA Nova represent, and what does Loft Canova specialize in?

We are, of course, involved in interior architecture, residential and non-residential architecture, and lately, I must say, in many showroom designs, corporate headquarters, and more.


Let's talk about your current projects. What are the challenges and inspirations behind them?

We are working on two very fascinating projects. One involves a wonderful rooftop terrace in Rome, where we have incorporated a vertical structure with profiled greenery, covering an air conditioning system to create an elegant rooftop. The other project is an interior design project that we have brought back to life with a vertical wall and an abundant presence of natural greenery.


You are known for your connection to your homeland and nature. How do you integrate this love for nature into your projects?

I am very connected to nature and strive to incorporate the art of greenery, both indoors and outdoors. My connection to the land and nature is deep, and I aim to infuse this essence into my architecture.


With the changing perspectives due to the pandemic, how do you see the importance of vertical greenery in residential and commercial projects?

Vertical greenery is becoming a necessity for clients. People want to enjoy outdoor spaces and fresh air more than ever. It's a new frontier, and companies like the bank we are working with are embracing the idea of a "green meeting" on a previously unused rooftop.


What is the keyword for you in your current projects?

The keyword remains "nature art." I am addressing greenery themes in both Rome and places like Calabria, bringing art outdoors because nature is our greatest masterpiece. In a world increasingly hungry for green spaces and designs that celebrate nature, Pasquale Piroso and Loft Canova continue to lead the way with their fusion of art and nature in residential and commercial architecture. Thanks to innovative projects and a passion for vertical greenery, they are creating unique spaces that allow people to connect with the beauty of nature while living and working within the walls of urban buildings.

Interview conducted by Giorgio Tartaro

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