Architecture in Dialogue with Nature: The Magic of the Green Connection

Intervista a Stefan Davidovici di Biroarchitetti

Interview with Stefan Davidovici from Biroarchitetti

As part of the Archi-Nature initiative, we met with the renowned architecture firm Biroarchitetti. Stefan Davidovici told us about their passion for design and how their deep connection with nature profoundly influences their projects, both big and small. Let's discover how green spaces become a fundamental design tool to connect buildings with their surrounding environment..

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Let's start with Biroarchitetti, what do you do?

We do everything, literally, from small to large projects. Everything that can be done, from small to big, and that's one of the things that I personally like the most about Italy.

Are there three of you?

Yes, we are three partners: Elisa Mori, Camila Guerritore, and myself. Each of us comes from different backgrounds and places. We came together and created our reality about ten years ago. It's almost like an atelier.

Could you tell us about one of your projects?

Well, I think the best project to talk about, even though we are primarily architects, is an interior design project, this one right here. It may seem paradoxical at first, especially concerning the use of greenery, but it's not at all. We're talking about a project that spans through two buildings for now, and it continues, two interiors, two indoor spaces that continue. Our clients are often long-term clients, people we know, and with whom we move forward. I believe that you can provide the best service only when you truly understand what your client wants.

Is greenery involved in this project as a design tool?

Absolutely, we have a special eye for nature. Personally, I am a passionate mountaineer, and contact with nature is something I find absolutely essential. Not only that, but I believe that buildings have always been something that should connect humans with nature. So, for us, working with green spaces is in the same context as all our work: with the view, natural light, and water, whenever possible. It's a fundamental part of our work.

What are the differences between Italy and France in terms of architecture and competitions?

It's a very complex question. Despite having extensive experience with France, I must tell you that I am not French; I am Canadian by nationality. However, French colleagues are often very disappointed with the fact that in competitions, you need an invitation to be invited, to be able to participate. This situation literally prevents young architects from starting their careers because you can't have the numbers behind you unless you have already done a million other things. So, it creates a static market, which is very dangerous and unfortunately happens here as well.

Is there a keyword that unites you as a team or that sparks a dialogue, even if it doesn't mean getting along?

Oh my, well, we are a bit like a three-headed hydra. We work together very well, which means we fight with each other quite intensely, without a doubt. As far as I'm concerned, I think the keyword that absolutely defines us, considering that we call ourselves "biro architetti," is this object right here. The biro, which we took as the key theme of our studio. It's a very modest tool, costing 50 cents, but as a draughtsman, I can tell you that you can do anything with it. The biro is incredibly versatile and wonderfully functional, and it doesn't have to cost millions of euros. So, I think it's a great Mot clé (key theme) for any architect. Object, metaphor, word.

Thanks to Stefan Davidovici and the entire team of Biroarchitetti for sharing this exciting experience with us in the world of architecture and design.

The interview with Stefan Davidovici from Biroarchitetti provided us with an intriguing glimpse into their studio's approach to the world of architecture. Their passion for design and connection with nature emerge as guiding elements of their projects, ranging from interior details to large city structures. With an open and collaborative perspective, the team at Biroarchitetti demonstrates how green spaces become a powerful tool for connecting architecture with the surrounding environment, emphasizing the importance of considering nature as an integral part of the design process.

Continue following ArchiNature to discover more interesting stories and initiatives that lead us towards a more sustainable and nature-integrated future.

Interview by Giorgio Tartaro

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