Everything you need to know about stabilized greenery

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Decorating a public or private space with a touch of greenery has become a widely practiced trend. The usual solution involves placing pots with plants of various species within the space. The benefits of coexisting with plants have been demonstrated by numerous studies: in addition to air purification, greenery has a relaxing effect on people's moods, as we discuss in the article "Biology and Psychology in the Design of Everyday Spaces."

Among the various green furnishing solutions offered by the market today, there is also stabilized greenery. Let's see what it is, how the stabilization process works, and what the main usage trends are in the field of interior design.

Stabilized Greenery: What Is It?

Stabilized greenery is an interior design solution. It's created using real plants, treated with a specialized technique - stabilization - that allows maintaining their appearance over time without needing care.

Stabilized greenery refers to flowers, plants, foliage, and essences harvested at the best moment of their lifecycle: stabilization preserves their characteristics of softness, beauty, and color.

A classic example of stabilized greenery is lichen: learn more in the Brief Guide to Understanding Stabilized Lichen.

How Does the Stabilization Process Work?

This technique replaces the sap inside plants with a natural solution made of water and salt

The water and salt solution completely stops the photosynthesis process.

The salt crystallizes the appearance of the plants: after stabilization, they're ready to be installed on a support and become the most unique furnishing element of the environment. 

Once stabilized, a plant maintains its unaltered appearance for a long time. Stabilized greenery requires no special care, apart from maintaining a standard level of consistent humidity in the environment.

The correct humidity percentage to maintain in a closed space is around 40% and is measured by a hygrometer, a small device that calculates the humidity percentage in the air. 

When choosing to install a vertical green solution indoors, it's advisable to have a hygrometer to monitor the humidity level and thus confirm the "health" of the stabilized greenery.

What Are the Advantages of Choosing Stabilized Greenery?

  • It's antistatic, it doesn't attract dust
  • It's antibacterial
  • It's sound-absorbing
  • It requires no maintenance, no water, light, or cleaning needed
  • It's customizable in terms of colors and finishes. For example, the Fusion finish is composed of 3 lichens

Interior Design Ideas with Stabilized Greenery

There are different types of indoor stabilized greenery installations:

  • On the wall
  • On the ceiling
  • Free-standing
  • Floor or table partition wall

Verde Profilo offers a wide range of stabilized greenery products, especially using lichen, to create furnishings suitable for every taste and style, with the possibility of also incorporating LED lighting in the MOSSwall Applique.

Looking for a partner for indoor green wall design? Contact us!

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