Vertical garden innovation

Our experience in vertical green has allowed us to devise an innovative system for the realization of modular Vertical Gardens.

The initial system from which we started was the classic hydroponics system consisting of an elementary structure composed of L or T-shaped uprights depending on the positioning on the wall, a rigid waterproof paneling covered by double or triple technical fabric according to the installation circumstances, respectively indoor or outdoor, the whole was completed with the plants and irrigation.
Today, technology has led us to design and engineering a performing and durable system over time, with lower supply costs and customization possibilities.
The Vertical Gardens created with VP-MODULO system have a patented structure that allows the passage of air into the space created between it and the supporting wall, forming a protection for better thermal and acoustic insulation.
The essences are pre-cultivated into the modules that are made of EPP. This material not only gives a lasting solidity to the structure but also guarantees protection to the plant roots from any sudden temperature changes. In fact the EPP material of which the modules are composed doesn't transmit neither hot nor cold so to maintain a temperature suitable for root growth.
The space available for the roots due to the size of the module allows the use of more voluminous plants compared to the hydroculture system, allowing us to create most sophisticated botanical layouts and as close as possible to the needs of the client.
Given the absence of heat transfer to the ground, the VP-MODULO system is the ideal system for the realization of Outdoor Vertical Gardens.
The structural layouts for outdoor vertical gardens are numerous, thanks to the free positioning of the module into the structure and according to customer needs we can calibrate the amount of modules on the façade, creating vertical gardens in total, partial or low coverage.

Total coverage:

The system consists of a series of modules placed one on top of the other without escape between one module and another.
This layout guarantees better thermal and acoustic insulation.
The total green coverage is immediate but has a higher cost than the other two solutions.

Partial coverage:

The system takes advantage of the alternation of the modules, creating a free escape between one module and the other of 20 cm.
In this solution the complete green cover will require more time because there is a lower quantity of planted modules, the thermal and acoustic insulation will initially be comparable to half of the insulation obtained from the total coverage described above.
The solution has a lower cost compared to total coverage.

Low coverage:

The size and the shape of the module allow the creation of vertical gardens with the use of climbing essences, will have longer greening times than the above mentioned systems as the total coverage because depends only and exclusively on the growth of the essences on the wire mesh included in the system. The thermal and acoustic insulation with a newly installed system will be very low, after the greening completed we will have a thermal and acoustic insulation but not comparable to the total coverage.
The costs of this layout are the lowest possible due to the minimum amount of modules compared to the coated surface.


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