Eco-friendly ideas for green schools

eco-friendly schools

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Can we teach being green at school? Of course we can!

Adopting more sustainable habits is crucial today and essential for the future: climate change requires a rethinking of lifestyles at all levels, and schools can teach the new generations how to have a lesser impact on the planet.

What are the characteristics of an eco-friendly school?

What are Green Schools?

Green schools are institutions that place at the center of their regulations and educational plans for students respect for the environment.  

What are the goals of green schools?

The primary goal of green schools is to educate classrooms about a more eco-friendly lifestyle

Here are some examples of good practices that schools can implement to convey the importance of ecology.

  • Eliminate plastic consumption, for example, by installing water dispensers at school
  • Promote recycling by placing waste bins for separation throughout the institution
  • Educate about reusing everyday materials, like paper and pens
  • Use biodegradable and natural products for school cleaning
  • Digitize some materials, like attendance records and whiteboards
  • Include appointments with experts in the field of ecology in the educational plan

In cases where a school has an outdoor green space, students can be involved in plant management and maintenance. Taking care of a communal area helps develop a sense of ownership and responsibility.

4 Ideas to Make a School Eco-Friendly

There are numerous strategies to make a school more eco-friendly; let's look at 4 examples on both small and large scales.

1. Save Energy

Energy savings concern the operational expenses of the school building. To make consumption more efficient, you can, for instance:

  • Use renewable energy, through the installation of photovoltaic panels and rainwater collection systems
  • Automate lighting systems; to start, it's advisable to prefer LED bulbs that can be adjusted in intensity based on the amount of light during the day
  • Install smart thermostats that monitor the temperature and automatically regulate the power of the climate control.

2. Recycle Waste

Establishing a virtuous waste management system and involving students in the recycling process is the most effective solution to educate the new generations on this topic.

What are the most functional initiatives?

  • Organize a series of training events on the importance of recycling to raise awareness and promote ecological issues 
  • Install composters in the school premises
  • Provide students with reusable water bottles or flasks and equip the school with purified water dispensers

3. Offer Sustainable Nutrition

A sustainable school is also recognized by its cafeteria offerings and the types of products it chooses to place in vending machines.

Here are some proposals that the school could offer to its students:

  • Vegetarian, organic, and locally sourced meals to support local activities
  • Recyclable food packaging 
  • Cultivation of school gardens

4. Care for Green Spaces Together

Taking care of a green area is the best way to instill respect for nature in the new generations.

Designing indoor and outdoor vertical gardens is a solution that offers numerous benefits:

  • Unconventional decor for school spaces
  • Improved mood and productivity for teachers and students
  • Air purification in the environment

To create an eco-friendly school, it's essential to rely on professionals in the field of greenery, like the team at Verde Profilo.

We have extensive experience in implementing green projects for Libraries, Universities, and Schools: our vertical green walls are customizable and adaptable to every need.

In Turin, for example, we installed green walls in an elementary school as part of the ProGIreg Project, funded by the European Commission

ProGIreg stands for "Productive Green Infrastructure for Post-Industrial Urban Regeneration: Nature for Renewal."

ProGIreg funds public projects that choose to participate in the Nature Based Solutions program to regenerate certain areas of the city through greenery.

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