Acoustic well-being into workplace

An environment with optimal acoustic comfort is the goal to which we should all aim, because the well-being of the worker derives from the acoustic well-being, which can be translated into a productivity increasing.

Defining whether an environment can have optimal acoustic comfort is not as simple as it may seem, in fact for each environment and depending on the activity that must be carried out certain precautions are necessary.

For example, a space designed for concentration, it must have low background noise and excellent sound insulation from outside and from neighboring environments to avoid noise or sounds that could bring distraction. An environment intended for meetings must primarily guarantee a good understanding of speech. The spaces of socialization must provide good sound absorption to avoid the risk of excessive reverberation. And so on.

With architectural progress and an increase in attention to well-being in the workplace, new solutions have been developed that, combined with a rigorous design, make it possible to achieve good levels of acoustic comfort.

Verde Profilo in line with the needs of today's market has certified the MOSSwall® product for sound absorption, being able to offer a product that is not only functional but also aesthetically beautiful. MOSSwall® is a panel covered with stabilized lichen that thanks to its voluminous conformation, similar to a sponge, is able to absorb 35% of the sound on the speech frequency.

However, innovation didn't stop only to the panel certification, but from the collaboration with Fonology company, which is mainly involved in acoustics, we have created a sound absorbing panel in all respects. In fact, MOSSwall® Acoustic is born, a product composed by several components of the MOSSwall® line of Verde Profilo and a rock wool mattress. The soundproofing capacity is 70%, certified by an authorized company for acoustic certifications.

The combination of acoustic comfort and nature into the workplace gives form to an innovative and sustainable solution as well as functional, ensuring well-being for workers and better business productivity.

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