Greenery sfumatura


“Natural Freestanding wall”


The Greenery series, a project born of the partnership between Verde Profilo® and Paola Lenti Designer, consists of a green wall conceived to divide open spaces.

The double-sidedfree-standing walls can be used to create green areas on balconies and terraces that do not often have a suitable space for plants. Greenery's supporting frame is made of steel and is available in two heights. The frame contains either three or six rows of moulded plastic trays on which both garden plants and vegetables can be grown. Pans provide insulation and protection for the roots, besides an excellent environment for growth. Favourite plants can be planted on either both sides or just on one side, if Greenery is placed against an existing wall. An integrated watering system provides the maintenance required by the plants. The system is connected to a hydraulic network. Greenery can either stand alone on the ground or be permanently secured with steel screws to weight-bearing surfaces, such as floors, footings or curbs. Greenery's weight-bearing frame is treated with a special varnish that is resistant even to extreme environments.




Greenery - low structure 202x35x86 cm h

Greenery - high structure 202x35x162 cm h


Last Work

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