The Secret Garden

On the occasion of FuoriOrticola, the nineteenth-century cloister of the Gallerie d'Italia - Piazza Scala in Milan, it is opened to the public transformed by Verde Profilo® into "The Secret Garden", an installation whose concept is by Cinzia Felicetti, director of Marie Claire Maison.

The Secret Garden will be a meditation garden conceived as an oasis of tranquility where you can rediscover a sense of peace in the heart of Milan. A Eden in which the sacredness of nature offers refuge from everyday life and promises a multi-sensory experience that not only satisfies the eye but also nourishes the most emotional dimension with olfactory and auditory stresses.

In the cloister of the Gallerie d'Italia this enchantment translates into a fairy-tale clearing, which finds its "sun" in the Disco in the form of a desert rose, by Arnaldo Pomodoro, the focal point of the layout.

The landscape project envisages small shrubs, herbaceous perennials and snowy petals comes to life, framing the work of Arnaldo Pomodoro and creating an elegant "chromatic liaison" with the nearby Garden of Alessandro Manzoni.

We invite you to visit the secret garden from 8 to 19 May, with admission from Piazza Scala 6 during the museum's opening hours, and with free admission from Via Manzoni 10 in the evening hours from 7.30pm to 9.30pm on May 14 and from 16 to 19 May.

Concept: Cinzia Felicetti, director of Marie Claire Maison

Botanical choice: Gaetano Zoccali, journalist and green expert of Marie Claire Maison

Sketch and realization of the project: Verde Profilo®

Soundtrack: Alberto Maria Gatti

Sound system and speaker: K-array with Anakonda

Thanks to: Inkiostro Bianco, Veuve Cliquot

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