Wola Park Warsaw

Wola Park Warsaw


For the Wola Park shopping center based in Warsaw, Poland we worked with Studio Marro, supplying over 180 square meters of MOSSwall® in Wasabi55 color.

The intervention is spread over two floors, a relaxation area fitted with design elements and an operating area with smartwall and MOSSwall®.


Interview To Marro Studio, contractor of the project

How did the idea of the Wola Park project? How did you decide to use MOSSwall®? 
The investor (IKEA Inter Ikea Centre Polska S.A.) wanted to create a functional, natural and simply pleasant co-working space in the middle of a shopping center. The space was designed by architects from Mocolocco studio based in Kraków. One of the tasks was to include the greenery. As it was impossible to build a natural garden and provide the plants with optimal growth conditions, there appeared a question about the alternative solution. 
Instead of the artificial greenery, the architects decided to use MOSSwall®. We all find it more authentic and attractive.

What should be the role of nature in spaces?
It should recall us that we belong to the world of nature which helps us to relax, to breathe and to stay human.

Do you feel that nature have a real function of welfare on people in indoor spaces?
Of course, it has already been proved.

Is the innovation important for you? Why?
Design itself is a factor of change, of values that are close to modern people. Being innovative is one of them. Design industry has a lot to do in that matter: in therms of new material, new production processes and the whole new experiences that are being offered to people.

What is the Marro mission?
Marro's mission is to support the architects in creating people oriented, functional and esthetically awesome spaces and places.

Are you planning projects with green solutions?
Having the greenery in the office is one of the strongest trends nowadays, also in Poland. Therefore we expect more briefs with green solutions to come.

What architects and interior designers need from a company such as Verde Profilo?
Architects and interior designers expect good quality good-looking products, a professional client service and a sustainable mindset.





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