What is the Verde Profilo designed Stabilized Moss?

What is the Verde Profilo designed Stabilized Moss?

In Verde Profilo, the passion for botany meets the rigor of technology to give life to original housing solutions. For this reason, in 2009, we launched and patented our MOSSwall, the Verde Profilo system for stabilized moss.


How is stabilized moss created?

Stabilized moss is a mixture of lichens immersed in a salt bath: the saline particles progressively replace the lymph and thus inhibit photosynthesis and growth. The plant, therefore, no longer needs either sun or water because it is “crystallized”.

The stabilized lichens are antistatic, do not attract dust, and are antibacterial, so they do not generate bad odours or become problematic for the hygiene of spaces. The stabilized moss resembles that of the “crib” in appearance, but instead of being synthetic it is composed of natural lichens.

MOSSwall is a solution designed only for interiors: we do not recommend stabilized moss for outdoor use because a humidity level of 40% is required for its survival. If there is a change in this percentage, the plant crystallizes and can crumble to the touch. The lichens re-stabilize themselves, but should the necessity of an intervention arise, Verde Profilo provides repair kits.


Stabilized indoor moss does not require maintenance

Another advantage of stabilized moss is that it does not require special maintenance: it doesn’t have to be watered or exposed to direct sunlight, and for this reason it is ideal for furnishing even dimly lit environments, which can be enhanced with a strong visual impact. It can be installed on walls or ceilings in various shapes and sizes. It is possible to choose between 23 shades, from the Ocean, Forest, Desert, White Black and Grey lines.

Installation is quick and easy: it is possible to mount MOSSwall in direct contact with the wall by means of a dowel system, or use wall-mounted structures on which the panels with lichens can be attached. Our technical team is available for any need, from the quote stage to after-sales.

Discover all our solutions for outdoor Vertical Gardens and MOSSwall stabilized moss.



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