MOSSwall® MW01

MOSSwall® MW01

MOSSwall® product par excellence, has shaped all other finishes and solutions. MOSSwall® MW01 was born as a 60x40 cm panel in galvanized steel sheet coated with PVC film, thickness 6/10. The packaging consists of 4 panels, covering an area of 1 sqm. MOSSwall® is a Verde Profilo® patented product, 100% natural, made in italy, handmade, guaranteed for 4 years by Verde Profilo®, certified to fire UNI EN 13501-1: 2009 B-s2, d0 (Europe) and ASTM E 84: 2003, CLASS A (USA), antistatic, certified by sound absorbing according to UNI EN ISO 354: 2003 - 11654: 1998, antibacterial to the origin and represents a hostile environment for insect reproduction as Test report TEC 1990706284. MOSSwall® is a product for interior, doesn't grow and doesn't change shape over time, doesn't need light and shouldn't be exposed to direct sunlight or atmospheric agents, no needs water but simply a rate of Air humidity between 40% and 50%. MOSSwall® MW01 is available in 22 natural colors. 



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