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As a company we are aware that choosing one of our technological green systems represents an innovative and breaking choice compared to many other design solutions; we feel responsible for leading a change of mentality and for this reason we choose every day to give experts all the information and tools that are necessary to understand how and why to work with greenery

An important step in this sense was having submitted our system for vertical gardens VP-MODULO to LEED® mapping in 2019 and today we are proud to accomplish another important piece of this path: at the beginning of 2020, we involved the GREENMAP program experts from Habitech - Trentino Technological District for Energy and the Environment - to develop the mapping of contribution of all our technological green systems to the WELL features.

WELL is an international rating system (https://www.wellcertified.com) based on the evaluation of the impact that a building can have on the health and well-being of those who live in it every day; the features examined are air, water, nourishment, light, sound, materials, comfort, mind and community. The result is that an environment designed according to WELL standards guarantees the occupants a significant improvement in terms of stress, mood, productivity and psycho-physical well-being in general.

In 1986 the WHO (World Health Organisation) defined Sick Building Syndrome as that set of symptoms that can be traced back to spending many hours in unhealthy buildings; Verde Profilo firmly believes that a change towards greater sustainability is necessary and that it can pass from giving access to indoor nature.

Living with greenery on a daily base, especially in workplaces, can bring enormous benefits in multiple areas, this is what emerges from the WELL mapping of our technological green products. Let's see the most relevant among the results (to learn more, download the summary document here).

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about plants is their ability to give us oxygen, but also to purify the air from numerous substances harmful to our health (eg. VOCs and nanoparticles) as it is now well known and supported by many scientific studies. Furthermore, another fundamental element to feel good in space is the humidity rate, in fact, an environment that is too dry can lead to many health issues; thanks to our products it is possible to contribute to indoor comfort quality.


In 1984 Edward Wilson introduced the concept of Biophilia as the tendency of human beings to seek connections with nature and other forms of life. From here comes the concept of Biophilic design that Verde Profilo looks to for the study of its products. Hence guaranteeing access to indoor nature would have countless advantages on the productivity, concentration and well-being of workers.


The benefits arising from the installation of our products go beyond what has been said so far, the WELL mapping has found correspondences in all the other evaluation areas: sound, thermal comfort, light, materials, nutrition, community. All corresponding credits features are listed in the summary document downloadable here.


Working together with the GREENMAP program led us to develop the idea of a new model of space in which nature is no longer inserted as a mere decorative element, but rather is an object of design and study like any other functional component of the building. Thanks to the innovation sought in recent years, new products have been created that complete the Verde Profilo range and allow us to design an entire green environment:

  • VP-MODULO, the system for vertical gardens
  • MOSSwall® the original stabilized lichen panel
  • MOSSwall® freestanding and partition walls
  • VP-CLOUD the garden lamp
  • PENNY the sound-absorbing decorative panel
  • VP-EASY the intelligent vertical garden

In the image below we have summarized our proposal "The green Office", refer to it as a suggestion for the use of our products and consult the related WELL credits.

This is our vision, this is where we want to go.

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