Vertical vegetable garden sfumatura

Vertical vegetable garden

“The vertical vegetable garden system suitable for all New neo growers, find out the automatic module for your vegetable wall. ”

Vertical vegetable garden

The original VP-Modulo can be used to create a real, completely independent and space-saving vertical vegetable garden at home.


VP-Modulo, made of steel, is simple and practical for everyone to always have a completely autonomous garden at home, in a small space. It is 'the vertical garden for everyone, even for those who live in the city' and do not have a piece of land. Flexible in size and height, it is very easy to mount on the wall. VP-Modulo's module consists of uprights screwed into the wall that hold trays fitted together. The integrated irrigation system is managed independently by adjusting the control unit, and can be used combined with one or more VP-Modulo comprising a tap to regulate water flow and a convenient irrigation system via dripline.


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