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Living Walls

“With the Living Walls system it' possible to cover with green the buildings facades.”

Living Walls

Are you longing for a real living wall to enhance your house or properties with greenery? With our Living Walls system, we at Verde Profilo® will be happy to assist you in creating a unique decorative space. Discover now:

What are vertical green walls?

Living Walls-also known as Plant Walls or Green Walls-are an amazing solution to turn urban spaces and façades into something beautiful and natural by enhancing a building's visuals, as well as improving air quality and helping the environment.

Now you can cover a façade with grass. You can get the same result as a Living Wall with a simple, totally green and ready to use system that is created on demand without modular dimensions. The irrigation system is included and built into the structure. It is a natural vertical green carpet that is generally made with a "macroterma" that needs to be cut once a year. This particular type of grass presents a slow and compact growth, changing colour according to the seasons.

How does Verde Profilo® create living garden walls?

Verde Profilo® creates its living garden walls with a modular system made up of pre-arranged modules with earth and essences for rapid installation and easy maintenance. The minimal substructure comprises profiles designed to fit the support clips, which are anchored to the wall by means of brackets and dowels.

What are the benefits of living garden walls?

Such a living wall can make a great difference in enhancing your outdoor settings, while also improving air quality with beneficial effects for your health: green walls help to reduce noise pollution and the amount of carbon monoxide in the air.

Verde Profilo® can make this kind of vertical grass a reality from project to implementation with perfect results.


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