The Vertical Green in Apulia: a successful bet

In the fascinating world of architecture and design, vertical greenery is gaining more and more prominence as a design element. Verde Profilo, a pioneering company in this field, is playing a leading role in promoting this innovative technology. We had the opportunity to interview Nicola Bombini, Area Manager of Verde Profilo, to learn more about his role in spreading vertical greenery in Puglia and the challenges he faces in his work.

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Nicola, we are interested in exploring your relationship with Verde Profilo, a company that has been working on vertical greenery for a long time and how it can be a design tool for architects.

So, let's start talking about your work in the land of Puglia.

Yes, it was an exciting challenge, accepted eight years ago with Stefano. The company arrived in Puglia and also in my agency with a completely unknown product. What intrigued me the most was the challenge of bringing this green technology into design studios. It was a challenge accepted and an exciting adventure. Today, we collaborate with more than ten studios, and what excites me the most is the significant increase in requests for discussions and technical consultations from designers.


In the land of olive trees and agricultural landscapes, designing with greenery, especially in the city center but also in the rural farms where greenery already exists, offers the opportunity to design with greenery.

Is the dialogue between the interior and exterior well-resolved, especially with designed greenery?

Absolutely yes, and what is most appreciated, especially in the context of rural farms, is the combination of natural materials, our beautiful stone, our beautiful white color, with vertical greenery design, which has always created environments with relaxing and very unique vibrations.


Your job involves building and maintaining relationships among various parties. Moreover, the designer has become much more of a specifier than in the past.

How has the work of presenting a company to designers changed?

The landscape has changed, but also, in my opinion, the dynamics and the relationship between the designer and my role, which we call a representative, the old agent. Today, especially within Verde Profilo, it has become a true consultation, a real equal discussion. The technical need on the part of the designer and the willingness, especially the commercial and professional desire that the old representative, today a consultant, offers with immense enthusiasm.


Then there is the post-sale part and your ongoing education. This product, which may seem simple, is actually quite complex, involving various patents, studies, and innovations that you need to be familiar with.

How do you keep yourself updated?

I constantly update myself. Primarily thanks to what is requested by professionals because, paradoxically, they are the ones always seeking a higher level, "forcing" me to constantly raise the bar of knowledge, technique, and professionalism. It's obvious that I have a well-structured, well-built company behind me, with a very clear vision of what it needs to do, and it provides me with an immense knowledge base.

The interview with Nicola Bombini, Area Manager of Verde Profilo, has provided us with an in-depth look at his involvement in introducing vertical greenery in Puglia and his interaction with industry professionals. His experience demonstrates that in the world of design, relationships and continuous learning are fundamental to success. Nicola's innovation and passion are contributing to transforming the architectural landscape of the region, bringing vertical greenery to new heights of creativity and sustainability.

Interview conducted by Giorgio Tartaro

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