The harmony between nature and interior design

Interview with Riccardo Attimonelli from Spazio A

In an increasingly sustainability-oriented world, design and architecture play a crucial role in shaping the spaces we live and work in. Spazio A, a design and restoration company based in Puglia, has embraced this mission with passion and innovation. We had the opportunity to interview the co-founder of Spazio A, Riccardo Attimonelli, to discover how this company is contributing to creating a perfect blend of interior design and the surrounding nature.

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Riccardo, let's start with you and your studio. What does Spazio A do?

Our studio is one that was established a few years ago, in 2015, where three professionals with about ten years of experience decided to invest in a team. Unlike what we are used to seeing in our area, where everyone pursues their own path, we chose to invest in the team. We formed this group called Spazio A, with the goal of overseeing the entire design process and focusing primarily on interior design. Our strength lies in restoration, especially the recovery of historical farmhouses, as we are located in Puglia, a region rich in historical and artistic heritage.


What project are you sharing with us today at Archi Nature?

The project I would like to talk about today is one of our latest, where we placed the relationship between nature and interior design at the center. We pushed the boundaries to make the exterior and interior almost a single environment. I would love to tell you about this innovative project.


We see that you have made important choices regarding greenery as a design tool. Can you elaborate?

We created a connection between the outside and inside by using a wall that separated the veranda area from the interior. This wall, called the "partition," became the common element that allows the external vertical wall to enter the house and become an integral part of the interior. But we didn't stop there. To further strengthen this connection, we inserted a display case in the center of the living room that communicates directly with the outside, inside of which we placed a red maple, respecting the plant's needs.


It seems like you've done an excellent job integrating nature with the architectural structure. Are we talking about a renovation, right?

Exactly, it's a very significant renovation. When working on restoration projects, it is essential to consider the orientation of the building, which is often overlooked in the past. Ancient structures, such as farmhouses, were designed with great attention to their orientation relative to the sun and wind. This knowledge guided us in our work, preserving this valuable practice.

Do you collaborate with experts in green culture?

Personally, I have a passion for greenery that stems from my childhood and having relatives in the field. I live in the countryside and have always tended to my garden. However, when it comes to selecting specific plant species, we collaborate with expert horticulturists and professionals in the green industry to ensure exceptional results, like Verde Profilo, which I've known for many years, thanks in part to Nicola Bombini.

I don't view greenery as a mere decorative whim; it's an integral part of our design.

Can you provide a key word or phrase that defines your approach to design?

"Comparison" is a word that represents our studio very well because, when a project begins, it involves both within the studio among various specialized figures and with the client. The latter is crucial for shaping the project according to the client's desires. I believe a project must be closely connected to those who will inhabit or manage it.

Spazio A, guided by the vision of Riccardo Attimonelli and his team, demonstrates how architecture and design can embrace nature and the surrounding environment harmoniously. Through the restoration of ancient structures and a deep respect for green culture, Spazio A is shaping a future where the connection between humans and nature is a central element in space design. Their keyword, "comparison," embodies the essence of a design approach that involves clients and the team, creating unique spaces that reflect the needs and desires of those who inhabit them. Spazio A is more than just a design studio; it's an example of how architecture can be an art form that unites humans with nature.

Interview conducted by Giorgio Tartaro.

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