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Interview with Erika Giampaolo of Architecture and Interior Design

In the enchanting world of architecture and interior design, where creativity meets functionality, we had the privilege of interviewing Erika Giampaolo, the founder of a renowned Architecture and Interior Design studio. Based in Puglia, her work philosophy combines contemporary art, design, and architecture to create captivating and emotional spaces. In this interview, we will explore her unique approach to design, the importance of landscape and the outdoors, the use of sustainable materials, and the fundamental design of light.


Erika, let's start with your studio. What are the fields of design research?

Architecture in my studio is combined with art and design. I am passionate about contemporary art, and I believe that these three aspects must converge in a project and cannot be looked at separately. This is the philosophy of my studio.


What projects are you sharing with ArchiNature today?

I will tell you about two projects, a villa, a more contemporary villa, and a masseria in the countryside near Polignano a Mare. Our land, we are in Puglia, is a very beautiful, fascinating land, where nature is predominant, and the sea as well. Therefore, the integration of indoor and outdoor design works very well, so I will present these two projects.


Does designing the outdoors also require external expertise?

Absolutely yes. In my studio, multiple professional figures converge to provide a 360-degree response to the client and to design and realize their homes according to their requests.


Talking about materials, which ones do you prefer?

I prefer natural materials, but each project will have a different choice depending on the location. Even artificial materials, when functional, are not excluded from the design.


Is the ecological aspect important at this time?

Absolutely yes, especially in a territory like this. We use drainage and eco-friendly materials to respect the surrounding environment.


Talking about colors, do you have a specific color palette?

Attention to color depends on the place you are designing. Architecture and the landscape must dialogue or interpenetrate.


You mentioned the importance of light. How does it influence the design?

Lighting design is fundamental because it creates a fascinating interplay between light and shadow. Light completely changes the perception of a space or landscape.

In a world where architecture, art, and design come together to create captivating places, Erika Giampaolo stands out for her unique approach and her passion for beauty. Her ability to integrate the natural landscape with the world of architecture and design leads to emotional and captivating results. Through the use of sustainable materials and a deep focus on lighting design, Erika creates spaces that not only function well but are also incredibly beautiful. Her work philosophy reminds us that architecture can be an art, and that beauty can save the world.

Interview conducted by Giorgio Tartaro

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