Vertical garden ideas

Vertical garden ideas

Are you looking for indoor vertical garden ideas? Don’t find the solution that suits your needs?

We can help you, try to look at our indoor vertical garden solutions to find what you need.

Classic hydroculture systems

If we have internal surfaces to be covered with vertical gardens, the suitable system is certainly the hydroculture vertical garden. This system allows to create vertical gardens of limited thickness, up to 7 cm of thickness for the structure and about 10/15 cm of thickness for the plants. The reduced thickness is guaranteed by the absence of soil, in fact the plants will take root in a triple layer of technical fabric. The principle of hydroponic systems is based on continuous recirculation of water over the entire wall. A fertirrigation system composed of a centralized system, with the possibility of remote control, will irrigate the vertical garden according to its needs. Irrigation takes place through a dripping wing located in the highest part of the vertical garden, hence a mix of water and nutrients will flow along the garden. The triple layer of technical fabric for capillarity will absorb water and nutrients that will then be transmitted to the plants that will exploit them to grow. This procedure will divide the vertical garden into 3 zones: dry area, medium area, wet area. Depending on the area, the plants will be selected and positioned. The hydroculture systems in addition to the reduced thickness have the advantage of guaranteeing a prompt effect but, on the contrary, require more maintenance over time. In addition, the hydroculture system, is an artisan object because it is made to measure in every project, allows greater customization possibilities. Modular systems When it comes to large exterior surfaces, such as facades of hotels, airports, residential or commercial buildings, the suitable system is certainly the VP-Modulo system, that is the modular system for vertical gardens. Since 2017, Verde Profilo has launched a new system to create vertical gardens of large surfaces. This project aims to combine nature, simplicity of installation and economic value. The system consists of simple and few components in order to guarantee to all and not only to a specialized technician to install a vertical garden. The system works with standard modules, hooked to aluminum profiles through the use of clips and support bars. The peculiarity of the system, besides the simplicity of installation, lies in the wider choice of essences compared to a traditional hydroculture vertical garden. The structure is certainly more cumbersome compared to a hydroculture system for this is classified as an outdoor system.

How does it work?

The structure is similar to the classic structures for ventilated facades. Each profile is fixed to an existing supporting wall or bearing structure with adjustable brackets. After fixing the profiles, clips and support bars for the modules will be installed. Once the structure is completed, all that remains is to insert the modules already filled with plants and substrate. The work is completed by installing the fertirrigation system, consisting of a centralized system, with the possibility of remote control, delivery pipes and dripline for irrigation of the modules. Depending on the geographical location of the garden it will be necessary to increase or decrease the amount of dripping wing for irrigation.


A modular vertical garden involves multiple benefits. it is economically proven that a green wall can increase the economic value of a building, especially in this period where the green architecture is becoming more and more important. Many studies show that vertical gardens are able to purify the air, absorbing harmful substances and releasing new and fresh air.

Vertical Lawns

The green walls can also be made with lawn. The experience and botanical knowledge of Verde Profilo led us to select a type of essence that can adapt to any temperature, climate and geographical area. The essence is from the group of macroterme. The peculiarities of the essence are certainly the low maintenance, the low water consumption, the resistance to temperatures up to 35 ° and -15 °. Depending on the temperature the plant grows or enters a state called dormancy. Dormancy allows the plant to withstand low temperatures and not to perish. The areas of vertical lawn can vary from bright green in spring and summer to yellow / ivory white in autumn and winter.

How does it work?

The vertical lawn walls have the same functioning as vertical gardens with hydroponic system. The support structure will be the basis for the layers of technical fabric where the lawn will root. Always by means of dripline, connected to central facility with possible home automation control, will be irrigated from above and by capillarity green wall will be wet and nourished to allow the correct and natural growth.


As indicated above, the vertical lawn requires low maintenance during the year, about 1 or 2 cuts a year. If the lawn is not cut it will grow as in nature and will acquire the typical wave shape. MOSSwall systems A plant wall consists of MOSSwall®, stabilized natural mosses that don’t require maintenance. They have a 4-year warranty, but many of our jobs are the warranty for a longer lifespan than 7 years. Plant walls decor any environment, public, health, private, work or catering thanks to fire certifications. Our plant walls are certified according to European and American standards. MOSSwall® in addition to a sound absorbing panel allows you to recreate design plant walls, 22 colors, in fact, allow you to make logos and designs according to your needs or your own style. Entirely handmade, MOSSwall® is the original plant wall made in Italy, in fact, our mosses and lichens come from northern Europe but all the processing of the natural product is done in Italy by us. All the natural walls you will see in this section are made up of the MOSSwall® system, a product born from the combination of technology and nature. Garden walls that don't require maintenance, water and light exist and only the Verde Profilo vertical gardens are the originals. Discover our ideas for ver

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