Succulent wall garden

Succulent wall garden

Are you planning to add a wall garden in your house? Are you looking to make your spaces more creative and alluring? Would you like to accomplish something peculiar and original which requires easy care? Succulent plants are a great way to add color and style to a dull wall in your home place as well as in an office, a restaurant or a shop.

Instead of hanging an average painting or the same old picture, you can try something totally unique and captivating framing a whole garden in a wall: a succulent wall garden is an excellent choice for many reasons.


Succulents are the ideal option for a wall garden to be created both in residential and commercial spaces. Coming from dry areas such as steppes and deserts, succulent plants are forced to live with high temperatures and low precipitation: that’s the reason why they are highly resistant and grant an easy care regime and a hard-to-kill nature.

As a result, choosing a succulent living wall, means less periodic maintenance and plant care: succulents need little water, grow slowly, many never require any pruning and some of them don't require a lot of sunlight.

Succulents come in a variety of textures and colors: customization options and possibilities are endless. With a simple succulent plant wall hanging you can turn any space into a lush greenery sanctuary highly enjoyable for your eyes and all senses.


The idea of creating vertical succulent gardens is perfect for inserting some greenery in your house or commercial business, bringing the outdoor in, reliving outdoor spaces and creating areas of great aesthetic value. 

It’s particularly useful in urban contexts or small areas, where the lack of space doesn’t allow to have an outdoor garden, balcony or terrace.

With the help of Verde Profilo, creating a succulent wall garden is easy and quick: Verde Profilo is ready to assist you from the designing phase of your custom wall garden to its final realization. Its modular system, conceived for interior and exterior spaces, consists in the use of pre-assembled modules, with earth, essences, and structures rooted in plants, all fed by a fertirrigating plant. This system enables quick installation and little to zero maintenance: once the wall garden is set up, you don’t have to do anything else.

With its patented systems, cutting-edge technologies and materials and efficient staff of professional design gardeners and architects, Verde Profilo explores the concept of greenery leading to many design possibilities.

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