Outdoor vertical garden

Outdoor vertical garden

Vertical gardening is becoming increasingly widespread and a key designing trend, taking shape in a wide range of customizations and creative possibilities. Ideally fit for any and all locations, an outdoor vertical garden is the best answer to maximize space in an artful and efficient way.

Outdoor wall plants can do a lot to improve the productivity levels in urban and sub-urban areas, where the biggest limitation is the lack of space and of agricultural sites. Besides offering a number of interesting advantages.


An outdoor vertical garden is not just aesthetically beautiful and striking; thanks to the presence of plants and essences, filtering toxins and turning carbon dioxide into oxygen, such a system contributes to the improvement of air quality, absorbing volatile organic compounds, formaldehyde and benzene.

If you decide to create an outdoor vertical gardens made up of edible plants and vegetables, you can count on a great contribution to your household food, producing edibles totally organic and under your own control.

What’s more, an outdoor wall garden requires little to no maintenance, little effort and labour, with a system which can also include irrigation and fertilization.


With its special system called Giardini Verticali (“Vertical Gardens”), Verde Profilo is able to recreate natural spectacular scenographies for indoor and outdoor areas, counting on cutting-edge technologies a materials as well as an expert staff of garden designers and engineers.

This vertical gardening system is of small thickness; the plants are rooted within and powered by a system of fertirrigation schedule, which grants controlled watering and fertilization. The irrigation system - not visible from the outside - allows a continuous water supply and maintains the garden constantly monitored by a control unit, programmed to suit the needs of the garden.

The structure consists in the traditional layout of curtain walls, with panels and two layers of technical tissue in which the plant species are rooted. The system does not needs precoltivation of essences.

Verde Profilo takes care of any step of the designing, from the choice of plant species to the customization according to any customer’s needs. Its skilled team of designers and botanists are always there to advise you for the proper essences with respect to each specific environment, taking into consideration sun exposure, natural lighting and the aeration system.

Some of our most beautiful Realizations

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Verde Profilo® in collaboration with Sistema Ufficio cover with green the new facade of Beldes Hotel.


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