Moss wall art

People love the idea of having a living wall or a vertical garden outside their flat or building, but they love less the idea of keeping their living walls green and lively: such a vertical garden or wall needs watering, maintenance and replacement of plants, and eventually brings dirt and extra costs.

Instead of rejecting the idea of building our own nature corner inside your house, you can make use of moss wall art, a living wall made up of real plants preserved and stabilized in order not to require any upkeep and effort.


MOSSwall® art can do a lot to redefine home décor and turn a bare wall into a statement of art and beauty. 

Thanks to a design that is customizable, versatile and sustainable, moss wall art can be turned into a number of options and styles, to cater any need and taste. What’s more, the comforting and meditative quality offered by such a living wall gives a relaxation effect: a moss wall is a great way to decor your flat or to create a pleasant environment for your coworkers.

As researchers prove, the natural element inside your spaces increases productivity, concentration and creativity as well as helps reduce stress and anxiety.


Verde Profilo brings moss wall art to a next level with its patented MOSSwall® system, using stabilized Scandinavian lichen in an innovative way to create evocative natural wall coverings easily and quickly.

MOSSwall® comes in 23 different hues (all natural) and finishings. Each production phase complies with the philosophy of craftsmanship, entirely made in Italy, with absolute respect for the environment.

MOSSwall® guarantees a moss wall art totally antistatic and antibacterial, hostile to insects, certificated against fire and noise, fit for direct fixing to the wall or through a system of uprights, that can be used only indoors.

With MOSSwall® no watering or maintenance is needed; it should not be exposed to direct sunlight, heat or bad weather. It perfectly works as room divider and its installation doesn’t require any masonry works. 

Some of our most beautiful Realizations

A new restaurant experience

Custom made MOSSwall® for the Croatian studio

UMC Utrecht Hospital chooses MOSSwall®

Our certified MOSSwall® system also for Hospitals

Entrance hall of the office in Milan

The Italian headquarters of MOL Group renews the offices with MOSSwall®

The new Garofoli Porte headquarters is adorned with green

Nuova sede per Pewag Immobiliare Srl

An original idea for the new Casteldex Showroom entrance

Verde Profilo for Sky Italy

MOSSwall® a style symbol

MOSSwall® Boiserie for the new Cartotecnica Rigon headquarters

Unique and artistic project

A&C Illuminazione new headquarters


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