Moss wall panels

Moss wall panels
Living indoor walls with patented MOSSwall® by Verde Profilo. You may have heard of them and thought they were no more than the latest design fad. However in truth, the concept dates back to the 2008’s and they are science fiction made fact! Discover now:

What are Living indoor walls?

Living indoor walls are panels of MOSS wall panels, fixed on structures that can be either free-standing or attached to walls. Living green walls are also referred to as vertical gardens, green walls, living walls, ecowalls or MOSSwall.

What is Living green wall system composed of?

Living green wall system is composed by moss that are inserted into a metal sheet panel and then places on the indoor wall of buildings and properties to provide greenery and the benefits of plants, but using a minimum of horizontal space.

How are Moss wall panels built-in?

A Verde Profilo Green Wall is made up of various proprietary systems which are assembled in pieces on a structure which holds the moss. The Green Walls created by Verde Profilo no need maintenance or irrigation system.

Verde Profilo MOSSwall® products use a single variety of plants in their creation but available in 22 different colors, based upon clients needs.

Green walls are constructed much the same way actual walls are. They are built with a skeletal structure that is hung with sections containing the panels covered in MOSSwall® that will make up the Garden Wall plant.

What are the benefits of living indoor walls? 

As for how the benefits of Living indoor walls impact your business, that comes from the moss themselves. MOSS wall panels naturally take in carbon dioxide and other pollutants and then expel fresh, clean oxygen. Green walls also help dampen noise and provide benefits connected to biophilic design: the concept that people work better and feel better when they have access to nature inside their places of work.

Green walls contain a large amount of tufts of moss in a relatively small space, horizontally. By using the walls and extending upwards, the moss, providing the maximum benefit, are installed without reducing space on the floor.

The idea for living green walls with moss wall panels was first patented by Stefano Laprocina in 2008. He was designated the godfather of the ‘vegetal wall without maintenance’, sparking a revolution in indoor sustainable architecture.

Living Vertical walls are the next generation, differing from climbing plants like ivy, as they are intricately planned collections of moss held in a structure inside the building.

These miraculous structures bring nature back into urban environments. As the concrete jungle expands and pollution rises, the application of living indoor green walls stands to reverse this trend. Incorporating carefully chosen selections of moss into cutting edge design, vertical garden indoors have been devised to help restore the natural balance.

As we run out of green space in cities, vertical garden systems can turn urban spaces back into something natural and beautiful. They can also improve air quality and provide health benefits.

Where living indoor walls can be used? 

Green walls are used indoors for companies and properties that want to create a unique decorative space. A green wall is a great option for any business that wants to enjoy the benefits of moss and plants but has concerns about the floor space involved. Green walls add color and a unique design element to lobbies, meeting rooms, hallways, reception areas or living room. Green walls make a powerful visual statement to clients and potential customers. It also provides all of the documented benefits of plants to buildings and the work environment. A living wall planter incorporated into a biophilic design plan can help improve creativity, reduce absenteeism and presenteeism and other workplace concerns.

Green walls help the environment in the same ways that plants help the environment. Plants help clean the air. They help reduce noise pollution because they have a certificationfor sound absorption. They reduce the amount of carbon monoxide in the air and filter out pollutants by breathing them in and then exchanging them for clean, fresh, clear oxygen.

Ever since the industrial revolution, modern advancements have increased air pollution. In built-up areas, polluting gases and particulate matter are turning our air toxic, but we can utilize nature to reverse the damage we’re causing.As children, we learn that plants naturally remove carbon dioxide and produce oxygen rich air. However, it’s less well-known that they also filter the air around them by absorbing and cleaning pollutants. Living green walls have been shown to reduce levels by 40% and 60% respectively.

Sick building syndrome is an issue of modern times. Buildings and offices are filled with invisible toxic fumes, from the furniture to the decor, that are silently choking us. This is of particular concern with the increasing number of people working indoors; a reported 80-90% of North Americans spend a significant period of the day inside.Countless toxins are leeching from our indoor environment, such as formaldehyde, VOCs, trichloroethylene, carbon monoxide and benzene to name just a few. It’s long been known that adding office plants can improve the indoor air quality and interior green walls do just that, but on a much bigger scale that can benefit building inhabitants.

Vere Profilo is a worldwide premier provider of living green walls with MOSSwall. If you’re interested in adding a living green wall to your property, contact us online

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