Living wall art

Living wall art

The natural solutions for living walls are becoming increasingly important, both in the commercial and private architectural field and in the advertising field.

Many large companies have chosen nature to promote new products to be launched on a digitalized market far removed from nature.

It is therefore essential to find green solutions able to reconcile innovation and nature.


Green walls can be considered real art in natural style.


Which types exist?

The Vertical Garden category is divided into different types of vertical garden depending whether it is an indoor garden or an outdoor garden, a maintenance-free garden, whether it is a garden with lush and colorful plants or simply composed of single-species.

Outdoor Vertical Gardens

Vertical outdoor gardens usually cover larger surfaces than indoor vertical gardens, which is why Verde Profilo invented and patented the VP-Modulo, a modular system that allows the creation of large green surfaces.

The simple composition of the system allows installation even without the help of specialized technicians.

The system exploits the typical conformation of ventilated façade systems, the essences are planted inside modules in recyclable EPP that will then be inserted in the appropriate lodgings.

The presence of earth allows a wider choice of essences for the garden as well as ensuring better protection from thermal changes, diseases, fungi and therefore the deterioration of the plants.

Indoor Vertical Gardens

In our apartment or within our work environment we can bring nature.

The innovative systems for creating natural indoor walls allow to set up in a short time and space a green area within each environment.

The thickness of the structure is about 7 cm and is composed of aluminum profiles, PVC panels and a triple layer of technical fabric.

How does it work?

The essences are planted within the layers of technical fabric according to a layout designed by the technical office that has studied the environment and the prevailing climate in the area.

The vertical garden is fed and irrigated by an automated fertirrigation system, connected to a control unit with possible domotic control.

The plant will convey water and nutrients to the dripped wing located in the upper part of the vertical garden, which will be irrigated by capillarity.

The garden will be divided into zones from top to bottom:


  • dry area;
  • average area;
  • wet area.


Depending on the area the plants will be positioned and selected.

The plants that make up the garden in addition to irrigation also need a light support.

A lighting project will define the plant of phytostimulation that is the position and the number of lighting fixtures necessary for the regular growth of the vertical garden.

Once the set-up is complete, the garden will be ready and will require approximately 4 maintenance interventions during the year.

Maintenance consists of cutting, replacing any decayed plants, general cleaning, antifungal and anti-algae treatments, adding nutrients to the fertirrigation system.

Maintenance free Vertical Garden

If instead we want a natural wall but without the burden of having to make irrigation systems, drains and lights dedicated, the appropriate solution is MOSSwall. MOSSwall is the original and patented system by Verde Profilo in 2009 to realize Indoor Vertical Gardens without maintenance.

MOSSwall consists of lichen from the forests of northern Europe. MOSSwall borns spontaneously and is harvested by hand to avoid ruining the land of the immense northern forests.

Once collected it will be stored waiting for the stabilization process. Stabilization is a totally natural process that will not insert chemical elements into the product but only salt.

The lichens are immersed in a bath of salt, water and food coloring, the spongy conformation of the essence allows the absorption of the 3 components. Stabilization is completed with a long drying period. Once ready, MOSSwall will be supplied on sheet metal panels equipped with holes for wall mounting using the supplied set of screws.


MOSSwall can be supplied in 22 all natural colors, its tufted composition allows us to make drawings, logos or writings.

MOSSwall vertical gardens are certified for fire and for soundabsorption.

Since 2017, a new finish has been launched on the market, taking up the typical undergrowth of northern Europe.

MOSSwall Fusion consists of a mix of 3 lichens applied by hand on each panel.

Single-species Vertical Garden

Vertical gardens can also be composed simply of one species of plant.

Specific case are the vertical lawns composed exclusively by the macroterme type lawn.

The peculiarities of the essence are certainly the low maintenance, the low water consumption, the resistance to temperatures up to 35 ° and -15 °.

Depending on the temperature the plant grows or enters a state called dormancy.

Dormancy allows the plant to withstand low temperatures and not to perish.

The areas of vertical lawn can vary from bright green in spring and summer to yellow / ivory white in autumn and winter.

How does it work? The vertical lawn walls have the same functioning as vertical gardens with hydroponic system.

The support structure will be the basis for the layers of technical fabric where the lawn will root.

Always by means of dripline, connected to central facility with possible home automation control, will be irrigated from above and by capillarity green wall will be wet and nourished to allow the correct and natural growth.

Maintenance?As indicated above, the vertical lawn requires low maintenance during the year, about 1 or 2 cuts a year.

If the lawn is not cut it will grow as in nature and will acquire the typical wave shape.


Some of our most beautiful Realizations

Green wall in a restaurant in Milan

Stabilized MOSS for over 180 sqm wall application

The original MOSSwall for the MEI System stairway

ADR - Aeroporti di Roma chose Verde Profilo® and the original MOSSwall®.


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