Lichen wall

Lichen wall

For those living in cities it can sometimes be demanding to suffer the feeling of losing contact with the natural world. Indeed there are researches showing the important positive correlations between human health and nature: studies reveal that children living in green areas are healthier and happier, adults working in spaces integrating nature into their design are more productive, healthy and creative.

Green thumb interior designers have found a great way to bring nature back into our concrete homes and offices using indoor green solutions like a simple lichen wall.


Introducing a lichen wall in indoor spaces turns out to be a stunning, beautiful idea able to add charm, elegance and character to houses and offices, restaurants or any other commercial space. A lichen wall can be the perfect solution to liven up a blank or bare wall and give a new decoration touch to a living or a dining room, to create an original bathroom or a striking atmosphere in a restaurant.

Thanks to a natural preservation technique totally ecological called stabilization, the lichen natural sap is replaced with a conservation product which is 100% biodegradable. This modern process allows the plants to uphold their flexibility and natural vigour without requiring any maintenance like watering, sunlight, pruning or fertilization.


Exclusively conceived for indoor use, a lichen wall only requires air humidity between 40% and 50% (which is considered the perfect level for human wellbeing). It doesn’t provide allergens and doesn’t emit any CO2. 

The lichen wall solution offered by Verde Profilo is MOSSwall®, a patented innovative system that makes possible to realize indoor vertical gardens easily and without any maintenance. Thanks to a wide array of colors and variants, it creates a suggestive, relaxing natural wall.

MOSSwall® is created from a natural lichen specifically used for indoor use. After harvesting, the lichen is stabilized and undergoes an anti-static treatment to avoid capture of dust or dirt.

MOSSwall® can be used in a number of ways for corporate branding, unique interior design, sound control, light solutions, modern furniture, or simply to bring nature indoors. There is really no limit as to what can be designed with it.

Some of our most beautiful Realizations

A new restaurant experience

Custom made MOSSwall® for the Croatian studio

UMC Utrecht Hospital chooses MOSSwall®

Our certified MOSSwall® system also for Hospitals

Nuova sede per Pewag Immobiliare Srl

An original idea for the new Casteldex Showroom entrance

Wellness Co-working Company WORK WELL WIN Opens Greenwich, Connecticut’s First Co-working Location

Stabilized MOSS for over 180 sqm wall application

The original MOSSwall for the MEI System stairway

Trollbeads choose MOSSwall® for the American stores

Verde Profilo® for De Rucci Milan

ADR - Aeroporti di Roma chose Verde Profilo® and the original MOSSwall®.


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