Large vertical gardens

Large vertical gardens

A new trend in home décor and design, vertical gardening is becoming more and more popular worldwide for outdoor and indoor installations. For private home and apartments, public spaces and offices, restaurants or lobbies, large vertical gardens create an unparalleled decorative effect at the same time offering outstanding health and wellness benefits for anyone.

Vertical gardens: why to have one

The installation of vertical gardens in home or commercial spaces is a great way to decorate your interiors or exteriors yet doesn't have just an aesthetic function. Large vertical gardens help to:


  • Purify indoor air: plants generate oxygen and consume carbon dioxide helping the improvement of air quality;
  • Save energy: indoor vertical gardens cool the environment thanks to their transpiration and adjust indoor temperature;
  • Reduce noise pollution: large vertical gardens help reducing indoor noise providing soundproofing;
  • Reduce stress: such a natural element in your house or shop increases morale and offers a meditative mood;
  • Attract people: a vertical garden design is a high stimulating decorative element, able to attract interest and new clients.


Vertical gardens: installation tips  

When to choose to turn to vertical garden design? Vertical gardens are a smart option especially in case of lack of an horizontal space or to cover an unattractive wall or, again, when you want to have some different and original.

The first step is to choose the wall where to place your vertical garden, which can be both outdoors or indoors; according to sun exposure, climate and setting, you can choose the right plants or herbs. If you want to have some particular plants, it’s advisable to choose a wall providing the best growing conditions.

When choosing plants you need to take into account sun, shade, humidity, wind and cold: the choice of the plant species can be easily done by our designers during the design phase.

Choosing a vertical garden system by Verde Profilo you don’t have to worry about installation or irrigation: our patented system is made up of a tech frame with panels and two layers of technical tissue in which there are the rooted plant species. The irrigation system is provided within the system and is not visible from the outside.

Verde Profilo is a company specialized in the creation and designing of tailored vertical gardens, plant walls and design gardens. Thanks to its innovative techniques and materials, as well as its highly professional staff consisting in engineers, garden designers, planners and landscape architects, Verde Profilo is able to fulfil every need and offers the maximum standards of quality for vertical gardening.     


Some of our most beautiful Realizations

Green wall in a restaurant in Milan

An eco-green restaurant and pub

COOP for the international event EXPO Milano 2015 chooses the Vertical Gardens of verde Profilo

Vertical Garden in Emilia Romagna

The new Garofoli Porte headquarters is adorned with green

New green facade for Asiago Food Headquarters in Padua

Biophilic Design

Green scenographies for the new M9 Museum

Relaxing with nature and culture

Over 120 square meters of Vertical Green

More than 500 sqm of Vertical Lawn to renew the company aspect

Vertical Garden for the Eppol restaurant by Verde Profilo®

Getting closer to green and nature begins from early childhood schools

Green Building concept of Verde Profilo®

Verde Profilo® in collaboration with Sistema Ufficio cover with green the new facade of Beldes Hotel.

Relax Area covered by the Vertical Garden system of Verde Profilo.

Vertical Garden with Hydroponics system installed for Hotel Manin' dining Room.


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