Interior wall plant

Interior wall plant

Choosing to have a green wall is the best solution especially in urban spaces, both residential or commercial, when you lack space but you long to have a small green oasis for you, your family, guests or employees. 

Being surrounded by greenery and living walls offers many benefits especially for your psychological and physical health: it gives a relaxation effect, improves air quality, working performances and creativeness. In order to have stunning living murals, the most important step is to select the right interior wall plant.

The right Interior wall plant for living walls

Many are the possibilities when choosing the suitable interior wall plant for your green wall.  Depending on your taste, location of the wall, sun exposure, natural lighting and aeration of the place, you have different options for the natural essences.  

Each green wall is different: there isn’t the right interior wall plant for living walls; the choice is ample. You can choose to have: 

Small plants with flowers: preferably of small dimensions, perennial and evergreen, with limited growth and low maintenance;

Succulents: excellent choice since they require little care and watering, grow slowly and come in a wide range of colors and varieties; 

Herbs: they can be a valid option to common plants or flowers; they combine the scenic effect with the sense of smell, thus creating a multi-sensorial effect;

Climbers or cascading plants: they grow spontaneously to cover all the wall;

Tropical plants: most plants for interiors are generally of tropical origin because they need a warm temperature and a good level of moisture.

How to decorate with an interior wall plant

With Verde Profilo it’s easy to accomplish stunning living murals and decorate your home or commercial spaces with a little piece of greenery. 

Instead of just hanging traditional paintings or shelves, or leaving an empty, abandoned wall, adopting a vertical solution is a great way of decorating: choosing the proper interior wall plant it’s possible to opt for green living walls, a creative, original idea for embellishing the environment giving a touch of green art.

With the help of Verde Profilo it’s possible to turn your gray and monotonous environment into something beautiful, alive, exclusive. What’s more you can count on an easy custom installation that grants adequate ventilation and absence of problems such as humidity or water flow: the Giardini Verticali system is made up of small thick structures, where the plants root all powered by a system of fertirrigation schedule.


Some of our most beautiful Realizations

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Relax Area covered by the Vertical Garden system of Verde Profilo.

Vertical Garden with Hydroponics system installed for Hotel Manin' dining Room.

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Verde Profilo® for De Rucci Milan

Showroom in Brasil set up with the patented product MOSSwall® of Verde Profilo®

Verde Profilo® for the International Airport in Kuwait realized different natural custom wall with mix colors.

ADR - Aeroporti di Roma chose Verde Profilo® and the original MOSSwall®.


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