Indoor Vertical Garden

Indoor Vertical Garden

MOSSwall® is the new frontier of indoor vertical gardens that requires neither maintenance, nor water, nor light. A natural moss is stabilised to create an indoor vertical garden, ensuring certified sound absorption. Indoor living walls are certified as factors that enhance both concentration and productivity as a result of the product's natural properties. In addition to purifying the air of an indoor environment, indoor vertical wall gardens also create relaxation areas. Verde Profilo's indoor vertical gardens are made up of mosses and lichens from Northern Europe, which differ from Italian mosses and lichens. The plants of the indoor wall garden are larger with an accentuated shape, in addition to being softer.

Indoor vertical garden: two different ways to divide your environment

MOSSwall® is not only nature but also architecture and design. Verde Profilo® invented and patented the maintenance-free vertical gardens system in 2009. Over the years it has engineered innovative, natural, green design systems as partitions for environments. Our patented system consists of moss-covered rectangular sheet panels. Each panel presents 4 fixing points in the corners designed to directly secure the panel to the wall using the supplied screws and dowels or using special clips that are specifically designed to secure the moss wall structure. The MOSSwall® structure is composed of aluminium profiles, side finish casings and upper finish casings. The versatile features of our structure generate two different partition walls.

Indoor vertical garden solutions: free-standing walls

The MOSSwall® structure offers the choice of creating free-standing walls with different heights and lengths. With the sole limitation of the standard 60 cm bases, self-supporting walls can be installed with different heights up to a maximum of 2 metres. The self-supporting wall comprises a base, available in either white or brown, with coupled aluminium profiles, side facing casings, top finish casings and MOSSwall® panels installed on both sides of the wall. The versatile features of MOSSwall® offer the option of creating self-supporting partition walls with different colours, designs, logos and wording.

Room divider

The MOSSwall® structure allows you to create removable partition walls with floor to ceiling height and different lengths. There are no constraints of either length or height. The partition wall features adjustable feet, which press between the floor and ceiling to ensure the wall's firmness, matching aluminium profiles, side covers, top finish coats and MOSSwall® panels installed on both sides of the wall. MOSSwall®'s versatility allows to create self-supporting partition walls with different colours, designs, logos and wording. MOSSwall® divider's features

The benefits of our vertical gardening systems are many, including the unique and entirely green design and soundproofing that meets every need, both in the workplace and in residential facilities. Indeed, MOSSwall® is made up of tufts of natural lichen that undergo a particular process called stabilisation. Stabilisation is nothing but a salt and water bath containing food dyes. This allows the product to replace lymph with salt, preventing the plant's photosynthesis process. This treatment has many benefits for the product that will no longer require:




But these are not the product's only key features. In fact, our indoor gardens are antistatic, do not attract insects, and are certified for fire-resistance and soundproofing. These certifications are of considerable importance when partition walls are installed in commercial settings (offices) or public areas (hotels, restaurants, airports, etc.). The fire-resistance certification, which complies with European and American regulations, places MOSSwall® among fireproof products. In fact, the fire test performed with the certification body established class B-s2, d0 for European countries and class A for American countries. Sound certification classifies our living walls as sound-absorbing products. The natural composition of our MOSSwall® panels, which resemble a sponge, absorbs sound and captures reverberation. In its standard composition (sheet metal panel and lichen), MOSSwall® absorbs 30% of sound and up to 50% of speech frequency. In 2017, Verde Profilo® went a step further by producing a real sound-absorbing acoustic panel, in partnership with Fonology, an established company in the field of acoustics. The new MOSSwall® Acoustic product has been certified and can absorb up to 70% of sound. Its particular composition exploits MOSSwall® technology, which consists of our structure, a rock fibre mat, a perforated metal panel and the original lichen coat. The new acoustic panel can be installed both on a free-standing wall and on a room divider, ensuring a natural, fireproof and sound-absorbing partition wall enhanced by design features.



Some of our most beautiful Realizations

Green wall in a restaurant in Milan

Silver Design Award 2018-2019

Verde Profilo and VP-MODULO System in Sicily

An eco-green restaurant and pub

The new Garofoli Porte headquarters is adorned with green

Green into commercial environments

Green into the living room

New Offices for Lendlease

Essential design of the nature

Relaxing with nature and culture

Natural columns with Verde Profilo® systems

Relax Area covered by the Vertical Garden system of Verde Profilo.

Vertical Garden with Hydroponics system installed for Hotel Manin' dining Room.


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