Indoor Vertical Garden

Indoor Vertical Garden

Verde Profilo indoor vertical gardens are the ideal solution for stylishly furnishing indoor environments in buildings, offices, reception areas, apartments, shops, restaurants or commercial and working environments. If you are also part of these categories, then we have the solution for you. Find out now:

Why install an indoor vertical garden?

Thanks to the high scenographic impact, an internal vertical garden is the winning choice from an aesthetic and architectural point of view, as it allows you to decorate unused corners and walls of the house, office or public spaces in an original and very pleasing way. But not only. The introduction of an internal vertical garden into your home or office brings numerous benefits not only in aesthetic terms. An internal vertical garden is the perfect solution for those who want to create small natural spaces but have very little space available: to create one, even just one wall is enough, in which plants and flowers will be introduced that take up little space in depth; these are simply planted in a supporting structure spaced from the wall to allow the circulation of air.

What are the environmental benefits of an indoor vertical garden?

An internal vertical garden is versatile and easy to create and realizes the dream of those who aspire to have their own green space but cannot count on a terrace or a garden to be set up as they wish: it can be created to divide two rooms or to create a unique entrance with a strong impact or even just to decorate a corridor; any space or position of preference can be used for its realization.
Indoor vertical gardens are also sound absorbing: they offer protection from noise pollution and are very useful in open spaces, restaurants or workplaces where a lot of noise is produced. They keep the internal humidity level stable, around 50-60%, an excellent level for our well-being, which at the same time hinders the proliferation of mites, fungi, molds, viruses and bacteria; they purify the air by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen, thus helping to reduce the concentration of fine dust; they protect against benzene, formaldehyde and other solvents present in domestic environments and reduce the effects of magnetic fields generated by electronic devices.

What are the benefits of an indoor vertical garden on people

Thanks to the power of nature, the presence of an internal vertical garden creates a highly relaxing and regenerating space that helps to reduce stress and increase the sense of well-being and concentration, with positive effects on the inhabitants of the house, on the guests of our restaurant. or on our employees in the workplace.
If you need some help and suggestions on how to create your internal vertical garden, take a look at the section below where you will find some case histories from which you take take inspiration.

Some of our most beautiful Realizations

Green wall in a restaurant in Milan

Silver Design Award 2018-2019

Verde Profilo and VP-MODULO System in Sicily

An eco-green restaurant and pub

The new Garofoli Porte headquarters is adorned with green

Green into commercial environments

Green into the living room

Essential design of the nature

Relaxing with nature and culture

Natural columns with Verde Profilo® systems

Relax Area covered by the Vertical Garden system of Verde Profilo.

Vertical Garden with Hydroponics system installed for Hotel Manin' dining Room.


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