Green wall interior

Green wall interior

Although generally speaking new buildings and constructions implies a loss of green areas, there is a growing trend toward implementing more and more greenery and green systems inside edifices. Also called living walls, plant walls or bio walls, a green walls interior offers plenty of benefits and opportunities to decorate and add style to your indoor spaces.

With a green walls interior it’s possible to bring a slice of nature indoors carrying environmental benefits and aesthetic appeal. Are you looking for a new way to adorn your home or office? Are you searching for a new décor trend to blow your guests’ mind or create a better environment for your coworkers? Find out here why to opt for a green wall.


According to recent studies, an indoor space can be as much as 10 times more polluted than an outdoor space. Creating a green walls interior is a great help because plants filter, absorb and clean pollutants from the air, taking in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. Some plants can also remove carbon monoxide, a gas produced by gas stoves, appliances, heaters and cigarette smoke.

Green walls can also do a lot to reduce other pollutants typical of indoor spaces, like formaldehyde, VOCs, TCE, benzene, toluene, xylene and many other toxic chemicals: they can be removed by plants’ leaves and roots, since they are able to degrade and assimilate these chemicals.

What’s more, green walls can reduce ambient temperatures, provide thermal insulation and acoustical control as well as the perfect moisture level.


Verde Profilo is a leading company in the creation of enchanting, elegant green spaces for indoor and outdoor environments. With its high design and technology standards and with a team of expert engineers and designers, Verde Profilo offers the latest in green walls interior.

Verde Profilo boasts patented systems and cutting-edge materials for a wide array of different green solutions for vertical gardening. Its realizations include gardens, lawns and vertical vegetable gardens, always with an eye on contemporary design and creativity.

Among the many possibilities you can choose the Giardini Verticali system, suitable both for indoor and outdoor spaces, including irrigation and fertilization, or MOSSwall®, an innovative concept of interior design able to create a suggestive natural wall made up of lichen, in different colors and finishing, requiring zero maintenance and care.

Some of our most beautiful Realizations

Green wall in a restaurant in Milan

Silver Design Award 2018-2019

UMC Utrecht Hospital chooses MOSSwall®

Verde Profilo and VP-MODULO System in Sicily

An eco-green restaurant and pub

The new Garofoli Porte headquarters is adorned with green

Vertical Gardens and Restaurat

Green into commercial environments

Green into the living room

Essential design of the nature

Natural columns with Verde Profilo® systems

Wellness Co-working Company WORK WELL WIN Opens Greenwich, Connecticut’s First Co-working Location

Stabilized MOSS for over 180 sqm wall application

The original MOSSwall for the MEI System stairway

Vertical Garden for the Eppol restaurant by Verde Profilo®

Getting closer to green and nature begins from early childhood schools

Relax Area covered by the Vertical Garden system of Verde Profilo.

Verde Profilo® for Carthusia

Trollbeads choose MOSSwall® for the American stores

Verde Profilo® for De Rucci Milan

Showroom in Brasil set up with the patented product MOSSwall® of Verde Profilo®


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