Garden Walls

Garden Walls

Wall gardens are the latest trend in home design and décor, both for residential and commercial environments. They are indeed the perfect way to bring a bit of the outdoors inside your home, office or restaurant, with an exclusive, stunning decorative effect.

With a wall garden designed and set up by Verde Profilo, it’s easy to create the greenery you have always dreamt of, counting on many customization options and possibilities: with Verde Profilo it’s simple and quick to turn an insignificant wall into something magic and special. 


A wall of vibrant green can do a lot to boost the character of your home, the style and comfort of your working space or business. Wall gardens can be the proper solutions for:


  • Bath: a wall garden can be the outstanding setting to accompany your bath tub, able to add a dramatic nature-spa effect;
  • Kitchen: a kitchen or a dining area gets some extra warmth with a garden wall (maybe filled in with edibles or herbs); it perfectly fits also to a restaurant kitchen or dining room;
  • Living room: wall gardens add a touch of relaxation, romance and contact with nature to any living or sitting rooms, with any kind of furnishing style;
  • Stairwell: a modern living wall can be a cool idea to accompany a stairwell or a hallway, in modern houses as well as with classic furniture;
  • Pool area: a colorful garden wall adds life and character to an indoor or outdoor pool, magnifying the wellness effect.


Why choosing a plant wall for your home place or business? If you are considering to have one, here a few reasons to turn to vertical gardening:

  • It’s the best solution for urban settings: with more and more people living in cities, wall gardens allow to create indoor/outdoor green spaces even if you lack space;
  • It has environmental benefits: a plant wall does good for the planet filtering pollutants and carbon dioxide so improving air quality;
  • It allows vertical farming: in addition to aesthetic merits and air quality improvement, wall gardens can be adopted also to plant vegetables and produce your own organic food.

Verde Profilo designs and realizes custom garden walls using the most advanced technologies with an eye on the most contemporary design and creativity. From designing to installation, we are here to assist you with a turnkey solution for your gardening.

Some of our most beautiful Realizations

Verde Profilo and VP-MODULO System in Sicily

Biophilic Design

Vertical Garden for the Eppol restaurant by Verde Profilo®

Getting closer to green and nature begins from early childhood schools

Green Building concept of Verde Profilo®

Verde Profilo® in collaboration with Sistema Ufficio cover with green the new facade of Beldes Hotel.

Relax Area covered by the Vertical Garden system of Verde Profilo.

Vertical Garden with Hydroponics system installed for Hotel Manin' dining Room.


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