Artificial green wall

Artificial green wall

Looking for a high-quality artificial green walls to liven up your home walls, your office, restaurant or shop? Completely customizable, attractive, highly lifelike and with a zero maintenance, an artificial living wall is always a perfect decorative solution for residential or commercial use. Discover now:

Whether you’re looking for a new trendy product for your own apartment, an eye-catching decorative idea for your office reception or a high-impact décor for your restaurant or commercial space, it’s important you rely on a low-maintenance, first-quality artificial garden wall which is long-lasting over time. But first of all: what is exactly an artificial green wall?

What is an artificial green wall?

Artificial green walls are vertical garden systems consisting of interlocking panels made of lifelike fake plants. Panels are put together in sections fixing the back of each panel directly to the wall thanks to the housings provided by means of screws and dowels or using a substructure designed to speed up the fastening and to allow the passage of cables and pipes along the wall.

Type and materials of artificial green walls can vary a lot and allows a number of customization possibilities. While cheap fake plants are made combining plastic, silk and paper, choosing high-quality materials guarantee duration and appearance for years to come.

Living walls or artificial green walls: what’s the difference?

If you’re hesitant between living walls and artificial green walls, consider that artificial green walls have several advantages over using real plants.

Which are the benefits of artificial green walls?

As an essential factor, an artificial garden wall eliminates or reduces the effort necessary to sustain a living wall. In addition, you have to consider these pros of artificial green walls:


  • Lower maintenance and costs over time
  • Ease of installation 
  • Lower cost
  • Don’t need to be watered 
  • Don’t need pesticides or fertilizers 
  • Last forever
  • Don’t cause allergies 
  • Don’t need sunlight or a specific climate 

How does Verde Profilo make artificial gardens?

For the realization of  high-quality artificial green walls, Verde Profilo has created MOSSwall®, an innovative system to realize indoor vertical gardens without maintenance. Certified for noise absorption and fire, this patented system uses natural lichen which undergoes a stabilization process which allows it to last over time without changing shape or color. Naturally of white color, thanks to the coloration with natural pigments, 23 different shades are possible. 

Artificial moss for artificial walls offers an ultra-realistic foliage and helps reduce noise pollution and psychophysical stress, purifying the environment from harmful particles and micro-organisms, increasing concentration, satisfaction and productivity up to 15%.

Some of our most beautiful Realizations

The original MOSSwall for the MEI System stairway

More than 500 sqm of Vertical Lawn to renew the company aspect

Relax Area covered by the Vertical Garden system of Verde Profilo.

Verde Profilo® for De Rucci Milan

Showroom in Brasil set up with the patented product MOSSwall® of Verde Profilo®

Verde Profilo® for the International Airport in Kuwait realized different natural custom wall with mix colors.

ADR - Aeroporti di Roma chose Verde Profilo® and the original MOSSwall®.


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