Sustainability starts from children

Sustainability starts with children.

We should take example from the youngest, like the sixteen-year-old Swedish Greta Thunberg who protested for months in front of the Swedish parliament in Stockholm to send a direct message "We won't change the world, we cannot wait for us to grow, the world needs that the grown-ups act now".

In fact, the measures to be taken are urgent and we can't wait any longer to drastically change our habits in order to stop the climate change underway.

We are talking about the #fridaysforfuture an initiative that asks to the whole world to mobilize every Friday so that concrete steps are taken by the institutions to save the planet from the impending environmental catastrophe.

Today, Friday 15 March, the largest student demonstration, according to Repubblica, against political immobility in front of environmental catastrophe, over 1700 countries will join the event with a following of millions of participants who will make their voices heard.

Repubblica interviewed the inventor and promoter of this environmental movement Greta Thunberg and we want to bring her words back so that everyone can understand the importance of the initiative.

Greta, do you have a message for the girls and boys that tomorrow will do the "climate strike" following your example?

"That's fantastic. We are all mobilizing together for our future: if there are enough children and teenagers who will do it long enough we can really witness real changes. That's why I tell all young people: join in. Tell your friends and plgease don't give up, it's never too late to do everything possible. "
Adults are those who could change things today, because they vote in elections or because, at least some of them, have political responsibilities. So, are you going to the streets tomorrow to send a message to your parents?

"That's right. But I also think it is necessary to send a precise message to all the people who live on Earth: we are in the midst of a crisis. And it is the most urgent and serious that mankind has ever had to face. We are sawing the branch on which we are sitting and most of the world population has no idea of the possible consequences of our inability to act".

To the powerful of the Davos Forum you said: "Our house is on fire". Will 16-year-olds like you put out the fire?

"No, we won't be the ones to save the world. There is not enough time to wait for us to become adults with the power to act. Today's adults must act now." 

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