Stabilised lichen wall: costs and benefits

Choosing a stabilized lichen wall for indoor environments is an excellent solution to decorate spaces and improve the quality of people's lives inside them.

In this article, we will see together what stabilized lichen is, what factors affect the costs of an indoor wall, and what are the main advantages of choosing this product.

In this article:

What is stabilized lichen?

Stabilized lichen is nothing more than natural moss subjected to a chemical "crystallization" process.

In simple terms: the lichen's sap is replaced with water and salt, thus crystallizing the plant's appearance, which no longer needs to perform photosynthesis.

Stabilized moss: costs

The stabilized lichen wall by Verde Profilo is composed of various 40x60 cm steel sheet panels installed together to form a composition.

What are the factors that most influence the prices of plant walls?

    • Size of the wall
    • Application type: besides wall mounting, stabilized moss can be mounted on other supports and installed on the ceiling or as a self-supporting partition or even as a room divider
  • Coloring

The prices of stabilized plant walls therefore vary based on the project you have in mind.

What are the advantages of this solution?

Stabilized lichen wall: the advantages of Verde Profilo solutions

  • Antistatic, does not attract dust
  • Antibacterial
  • Fire-certified
  • Certified for acoustic absorption
  • No maintenance required, just avoid direct sunlight or heat sources and maintain the standard humidity level of 40% inside the space where it's installed
  • Customizable in terms of size and coloring
  • Available in variations such as Room Divider, Free-Standing, and Wall Mounting
  • Made in Italy and 100% natural

Designing a stabilized moss wall with MOSSwall®

In 2009, Verde Profilo patented a solution, now distributed worldwide, specifically for stabilized moss walls: MOSSwall®.

With MOSSwall®, it's possible to create stabilized lichen walls in both public and private spaces.

Here are some examples of projects conceived and realized by Verde Profilo using MOSSwall® for inspiration:

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